Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Episode 4 Recap

Last week we lost AshB and Ahn Soo Min and Yezi received praise from San-E and the producers for her ‘Crazy Dog’ survival performance. In the opening of this episode, the contestants are gathered together for a meal.


They are all enjoying the food and someone comments on how empty it feels even though only two people left. Kasper wonders if someone else will join them and others agree that it feels like something is up. Cue a shot of a mysterious van pulling up to the building and someone walking up to the roof to join the rappers.

It’s Jeon Jiyoon from the idol group 4Minute. She takes a seat at the table and KittyB’s first question is to ask her age. She says she’s the same year as Hyorin and then Trudy suggests that she raps. I love the look Jiyoon shot her:


The others chime in, agreeing with Trudy, and Jiyoon looks mad uncomfortable. She stands and says that she’ll rap, but then says she was joking and takes a seat again. San-E arrives and asks the other contestants how they feel about another idol joining the competition. Only Gilme responds:


And Trudy is all like *sips tea*


Everyone else is quiet until San-E says Jiyoon should introduce herself like the other contestants did in the beginning.


Man, this was rough. Jiyoon starts rapping and I’m not sure what beat she was listening to but she was all over the place. The other contestants start to laugh and are generally amused by her performance. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Jiyoon but she was so confident I definitely wasn’t expecting that…



Jiyoon takes a seat, saying the beat was too slow and is she is still sure if she works hard she will be able to “beat them all” in the end. Okay girl.

San-E let’s the girls hear the 4th and 5th tracks. The fourth track will be a remix of Jay Park’s latest song ‘Solo’ produced by Cha Cha Malone (YESSS). The 5th track will also be produced by Jay and Cha Cha.

The next day, the girls are gathered together and San-E starts stirring up drama again. He asked Trudy what she thought of Jiyoon’s cypher and she said it didn’t meet her expectations. When asked who they thought would have a difficult time winning a track mission, Heize says she thinks Sua will because she’s young and lacks experience.

Jay and Cha Cha enter and the girls freak out a little bit.


Kasper comments that she is familiar with Cha Cha because of Instagram and likes a lot of his beats, amazed at how a “foreign producer” can be so active in Korea.

The contestants will take turns entering a room for either Track 4 or Track 5, not knowing who is inside. Heize is first to choose, saying that she immediately thought of lyrics for Track 4 while Track 5 took her a bit longer. She also says that she wants to compete with KittyB again after losing to her in the online voting mission.

KittyB enters the room for Track 5 and after much suspense…


..we see that Heize has chosen Track 5 as well. It’s Yezi’s turn next and she takes a seat in the room for Track 4. Sua joins Yezi for Track 4.

Hyorin is the next person to choose Track 5 and Kasper picks Track 4. Kasper and Sua view Jiyoon as easy competition so they hope that she picks Track 4. Instead, Yubin walks in and across the hall Jiyoon walks in to Track 5 where KittyB, Heize and Hyorin are sitting there looking like mean girls:


Trudy is next and Sua and KittyB express fear of facing her. Sure enough Trudy enters the room for Track 4. While everyone is worried about Trudy, Trudy seems to be worried about Yezi, saying that she’ll be a hindrance. Last but not least, Gilme chooses Track 4 as well. Here are the contestants competing on each track:



But wait! It’s not over yet. San-E walks into the room for Track 4 and announces that they’ll be split further into two teams since there are 6 of them.


I feel ya, girl. Track 5 finds out they also will be split into teams. The teams on each track will compete against each other and one will be eliminated. The girls have 6 hours to prepare for a performance in front of a live audience.

I thought the teams would be assigned but it looks like they’ll have to sort it out themselves. On Track 4, Kasper announces she wants to be on Trudy’s team and Yubin does too. Sua wants to join Trudy’s team as well because she feels like Trudy’s performance quality could help her to survive. This all does nothing but feed Trudy’s already huge ego. It’s so clear Trudy is annoyed with Sua and when Sua says she wants to join her Trudy asks her to stand and show some of her charm.


Yubin’s face says it all. Kasper suggests that Trudy make a choice and she picks Yubin and Kasper. This means Yezi, Sua and Gilme will form the other team.

Sua is not excited to work with Yezi and vice versa. Meanwhile, Trudy is taking charge of the other team, saying she feels burdens because people’s expectations are high. Cry. Me. A River.

Things are going well for Team Trudy and they’re confident they can win while Team Sua seems to be having a harder time. We get to see very short clips of each team’s rehearsal.


Later that night, audience members start to arrive and its time for the Track 4 performances to begin. Yubin, Kasper and Trudy are up first.

Kasper starts rapping and the audience is dead…ugh she just has no stage performance. Yubin has the next verse and the energy in the crowd is noticeably higher. Jay Park comments that he was worried about her appearing on the show in the beginning but she has since changed his mind.


Trudy starts her verse and the audience predictably goes crazy. All of a sudden, Trudy makes a lyrical mistake and instead of playing it off cool she makes it super obvious…


Well, well, well. It was only a matter of time. Trudy falls apart a bit once she’s backstage and I almost feel sorry for her. ALMOST.


Team Yezi x Sua x Gilme is on stage next. Yezi delivers the first verse and both Jay Park and Cha Cha are impressed.


I’m so proud of Gilme ya’ll! Jay commented that her verse and performance had a “powerful aura” and I couldn’t agree more. Sua does really well too. Jay said she was cute, and her rap was slightly awkward but it fits her because she’s still young. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I thought she was much more controlled than her last performance but at the same time didn’t sacrifice any of her energy.

More importantly, I think the audience was fully engaged during Team Yezi x Sua x Gilme’s performance as well.

Back to Track 5, the girls are deciding how to split up into teams. Heize announces she doesn’t want to work with KittyB anymore and asks Hyorin to work together. Of course, KittyB wants to work with Hyorin too and Jiyoon is sitting on the side quietly waiting for them to sort things out.

Hyorin finally makes a choice:


In rehearsal she and Heize seem to working well together while Jiyoon has KittyB worried. During their stage rehearsal, Jay Park tries to help Jiyoon out, telling her she’ll have to practice a lot.


Hyorin does well during her stage rehearsal but Heize again starts to sound like she’s out of breath and she fails to complete her verse. KittyB’s is off stage watching and couldn’t be more pleased:


I thought for sure Heize and Hyorin had this one but now I’m not sure how this will go. Team KittyB x Jiyoon goes first. Jiyoon tries her best but sounds no better than she did earlier. KittyB is better but makes a mistake with her lyrics. Overall their performance was, well, it was okay.

Hyorin has the first verse for her team’s performance with Heize. She definitely seems to have gained confidence since her first mission on the show.


KittyB calls her a “rapping robot”. I cannot. Heize does much better here than she did in rehearsal. KittyB wasn’t impressed but what else is new?

The girls are gathered together to find out the results of this first part of the mission. One contestant has her head hung low. Ooh this is the one time I appreciate San-E’s shady questions:


Yubin’s glance over at Trudy captures my feelings exactly:


Trudy can’t seem to answer San-E at first but finally says she’s sad because she let down her team members. So which team will advance for Track 4?


Well done, ladies, well done. They deserve it. Jay Park said they had had high expectations for Team Trudy x Yubin x Kasper during rehearsal but they just weren’t able to pull through on stage due to Trudy’s mistake. Trudy is a crying mess once again.


What’s that? Could that be…humility? We’ll see…

The winning Track 4 team will find out later which of them will get to feature on Track 4. San-E remarks on Yezi’s improvement since landing int he bottom last time and Jay Park tells Sua she ended up doing better than rehearsal, leaving her grinning ear to ear.


Sua is cute, WE GET IT. Stop that, Jay.

Not surprising at all, Heize and Hyorin are chosen as the winners for the Track 6 preliminaries.

I can’t decide if Jiyoon is crazy or just super positive. On one hand, I respect her determination. But on the other, one can’t help but wonder what she’s doing here…

The winning teams for Track 4 and Track 5 will have an opportunity to perform again, this time with Jay Park on stage with them. The audience will watch but only vote for once person on each team.

During rehearsal, Jay is pleased with Yezi but thinks Gilme’s performance is missing something. He is obsessed with this tiny part of Sua’s verse (where she pauses and goes “Hmm”) and makes a comment that it was cute…



And so the second performance featuring Jay begins. Look who the cameraman discovers in the audience.


Why does he look mad tho? Maybe because Soo Min is there and still won’t give him the time of day.

Mnet is wasting no time and we get right to the results of the audience vote after the performance is over. I don’t think Gilme did poorly, I just think she was overshadowed by Yezi and Sua.

In the end, Yezi is the winner for Track 4. Sua is salty but I’m not unhappy with these results. I’m glad Yezi finally emerged from that confused fog and showed us what she’s made of.

We get to see Hyorin and Heize’s performance for Track 5 next. Heize is starting to feel small in light of Hyorin’s popularity.


I thought Heize and Hyorin did well but their styles are soooo different. San-E prepares to reveal the audience vote…


Hyorin is the winner for Track 5! I agree with Jay, she definitely out shined Heize on stage. I don’t think Heize did a bad job at all but it was the audience vote that mattered.

What’s in store for the contestants next? San-E announces that the mission for tracks 6 nd 7 will involve 1 vs 1 diss battles. We get to see in the preview all the diss battle pairs are selected and Trudy, Yubin, Gilme and Hyorin are left. Trudy’s name is called and the remaining three are asked who’d like to go against her.

Guess who stands up?


I have been waiting for this. FINALLY. If you’ve been on Tumblr/online then you too have probably seen a sneak peek of Gilme coming for Trudy. I cannot wait.


I have had ‘Solo‘ on repeat since it came out so I’m not even mad at Jay’s shameless promotion. Listen to the remix below!


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