Chi Kwon – Reddy feat. brandUN DeShay

Korean rapper Reddy (Hilite/The Cohort) teamed up with rapper/producer Brandun DeShay last month to create ‘Chi Kwon’, a laid back track with an old school sound. DeShay hails from Chicago and has produced for quite a few notable artists including Chance the Rapper, Danny Brown and Dom Kennedy.


In an interview for KpopStarz, DeShay talks about how the collaboration came about, the Korean music he listens to and the other Korean artists he’d like to work with in the future. Here are some excerpts:

“It was very 2015,” DeShay said. “Reddy reached out to me on Instagram actually when he heard about my beats and I was familiar with [his record label the Seoul-based] Hi-Lite Records already, so we exchanged numbers and worked via FaceTime and email…we recorded it over the internet.”

“I would love to work with Hoody and Coke Jazz,” he said. “I listen to ‘Blue Horizon’ every day. Dok2, Epik High or Dynamic Duo would be amazing too.”

To read more of the story follow this link and listen to the song below!

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