Basick X Lil Boi – Call Me (feat. Hwasa)

‘Call Me’ from Basick and Lil Boi is finally here! Both rappers were contestants on Show Me the Money this summer and Basick emerged as the victor this season. ‘Call Me’ is the title track of their special collaboration album which has two other tracks, ‘돈돈돈 Don’t Stop’ and ‘Watch Out’.

From 1theK:

“Show Me The Money 4” winner Basick and his legendary performance partner Lil Boi once asked, “Why do we have to work together?” Now, the two return with a special collaboration album. As this combination has raised much controversy everywhere, the hip-hop scene is also paying great attention to their “work together”.

“The title song “Call Me” featuring Hwa Sa is a shout out to all the duo’s friends to call them wherever, on nights that are too good to spend alone. Lil Boi’s trendy rap and melody, mixed with Basick’s fancy and fierce tongue twisters, on top of Duplex G’s synth arrangement really bring out the track’s refreshing, hip vibes.”

I love this track. It’s upbeat, it’s funky, and then the hook slows down a bit giving us some neo-jazz vibes with Hwasa’s vocals woven in. The hook is different enough from the rest of the song to keep it interesting but the transition into the chorus isn’t too abrupt to distract the ear. The music video is fun and both artists’ personalities and rap styles shine here. I may just have to purchase this one!

Get Basick and Lil Boi’s collaboration single album here:

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