Simon Dominic returns with ‘WON(₩) & ONLY’ Mini Album!

Rapper Simon D has released his latest project ‘Won & Only’, a mini-album with four tracks. I first knew Simon D as one half of Korean hip hop duo Supreme Team. Now Simon Dominic is co-CEO of AOMG with Jay Park. He has participated on many features and collaborations in the last few years but this is his first solo album since 2011.

Simon’s AOMG label mate Gray worked with him on the production and composition for all four tracks and all of the lyrics were written by Simon D himself.

According to the music video description from 1theK, “the track ‘Simon Dominic’ identifies Simon D as an artist”.

I can’t agree more with this Youtube user’s comment on the track: “I cannot for the life of me take his hook seriously, but his rap is on point, the beat is good too.” Same. You can’t go wrong with Gray’s production skills and I appreciate the storytelling in the lyrics. Simon D’s talent is undeniable and the pre-release of this track was a great intro to the rest of the album.

In my opinon, the best track is the title track, ‘Won & Only’. I will definitely have this song on repeat the next couple weeks. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this track is perfect, from Simon D’s deep vocals on the hook to the dance-able beat. The highlight of the music video is Tablo and daughter Haru’s adorable cameo. Check it out below:


Simon D may not be flashy or even very energetic but he has a confident swagger with an effortless quality to it. Witness more of Simon D’s rapping in this AOMG cypher:


Make sure to download the album to hear the other two tracks!

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