Zion. T…Nuff Said.

Korean R&B/Soul artist Kim Hae-sol, better known as Zion. T, recently posted the photo above on his Instagram account with the caption “New album”. It’s been two years since his last major releases, his first full album ‘Red Light’ in the spring of 2013 followed by his ‘Mirror Ball’ EP (album art pictured below) in December 2013.

Update: The photo mentioned above has since been removed from Zion.T’s Instagram account.


In February of this year Zion. T collaborated with Crush to release ‘Just’ and then blessed fans with single ‘Eat’ in May. While I was looking up his discography, I discovered a single Zion. T dropped last fall that I had completely missed! Released in September 2014, ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ is a beautiful song that shares a simple yet moving story about Zion. T’s family and upbringing.


Apparently I’m not alone as many fans have commented on the music video for ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ on Youtube saying they just learned of the song because of Zion. T’s recent appearance on the show Infinity Challenge. You can read the touching lyrics here and watch the music video below (with English subs)!

If that wasn’t enough, Zion. T performed ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ live on Sketchbook back in November:

Just yesterday, rapper Dok2 released ‘Still On My Way’ featuring Zion. T. It’s a surprising collaboration but it works for me. If you are familiar with Dok2 at all then you know that this music video style is something his fans aren’t used to. This Youtube user’s comment is the best:

yesThat last line tho. What more do you need? Check out the song below:

Hopefully by now you love Zion. T as much as I do. Check out the dance I choreographed to Zion. T’s very first song ‘Click Me’ in this post. If you haven’t yet, like Zion. T on Facebook and follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Check SeoulRebels later for a review of the new album!

Edit: ‘Still On My Way’ is actually a continuation of sorts from Zion. T’s feature on ‘On My Way’ from Dok2’s Hustle Hard album back in 2011. Check out the track here. And of course, Dok2 featured on Zion. T’s track ‘Click Me’ I mentioned above, so their partnership goes way back.

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