Primary ‘2’ Album Review with Music Videos for ‘Hello’ and ‘Just Like U’

Last week Primary dropped a full album ‘2’ that is the final piece of his ‘2’ series and includes 5 new tracks with more great collaborations.


We are blessed with more Primary X Oh Hyuk goodness in ‘Rubber’, a song about someone navigating a difficult relationship with an unclear direction (lyrics here). It’s a funky song that I could easily listen to on repeat as an instrumental track but Oh Hyuk’s smooth and unique vocal delivery completes it.

I’m not familiar with the female vocalist (Sun Woo Jung Ah) but ‘Paranoia‘ is a Gaeko-style song for sure. I’m still unsure how I feel about this one. It sounds like a song that would be used for the OST of an action film (lyrics here).

Just Like U‘ tells the story of two people in a simple, physical, low commitment relationship that both like just the way it is (lyrics here). I did not watch Unpretty Rapstar so I haven’t really heard Jessi rap before this. She has a similar style to Yoonmirae and it’s hard not to compare her to Queen T (Tasha X Primary would be amazing omg) but after a few listens I have to say I like this track a lot more than I did at first. As for the music video…I have no words haha but you can watch for yourself.

I love love love ‘Hello‘ feat Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun). This is a signature Primary jam with a bit of slow disco beat that gives it a ’70s feel. It’s a perfect track for a lazy Saturday and Lena Park’s voice is great for this musically (lyrics here).

The music video is genius. The concept is perfectly encompassed by one Youtube user’s comment:


I loved Suran’s voice on ‘Mannequin’ from the 2-2 album and she is featured again on ‘Gold Finger‘ (lyrics here). This song is very different from the other songs on the rest of the album but it’s growing on me (the hook is really catchy).

Overall, ‘2’ is an awesome album. Primary is an impressive artist and he has graced us with some fantastic music the last few months. Make sure to purchase or download the album if you haven’t already!

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