Show Me the Money 4 – Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 picks up with Verbal Jint once again giving an explanation for his team’s decision to take Black Nut back.

verbal jint and san e drama

Verbal explains that a lyrical mistake is usually cause for elimination but he felt Black Nut’s nervousness on stage was a bigger problem. In regards to Hanhae being in BrandNew, VJ said “I can’t say that didn’t influence me”.

mino upset

Jay said he wonders whether they saved Black Nut because of his popularity or because they felt Brand New would be criticized for showing favoritism. Loco thinks probably both reasons are valid.

lol tablo

We get to see Team Zipal’s reactions the day they received notice of Team BrandNew’s decision. They were notified too late and were mostly upset because they’d have to make changes about who would battle who. Mino prepared a lot and really wanted to prove himself and now they have two days to go until the battle.


Team ZiPal discusses how the whole situation doesn’t make sense and they should’ve been notified before preparing for the battle. They all feel that San E and Verbal Jint were inconsiderate and rude. Mnet allows them to push the filming back as a compromise but they feel it’s still not fair.


Basick shows up to the filming with a box of rice cakes from his son’s 100th day celebration to give to the losers haha

Black Nut shows everyone that he’s practiced while looking at Mino’s face (aka the face of Shinee’s Minho, his running idol rapper joke)


Mama Jint feeds the boys


Basick and Microdot are confident in Black Nut’s skills. They know the diss battle is his arena. Black Nut’s teammates tell him to make sure he delivers his lyrics in a way that they can be heard.

practice for team brand new

The other team is anticipating Black Nut’s craziness.

Paloalto says Mino wrote his lyrics while angry so in the end his performance will be fiercer.

The time for the battle has come and both teams are determined to win. Team ZiPal is determined to show up Team Brand New and and Team Brand New is ready to prove they made the right choice.


1st Diss: 0 to 100 Drake – Microdot
Microdot went in. Towards the end he gets in Andup’s face and tosses his mic to the ground.

Take over – Jay Z – AndUp
Personally, I thought Microdot was better.


The Watcher 2 – Jay Z – Basick
Basick goes as far as dressing like Ja Mezz and Tablo points out the fact that he’s rapping in Ja Mezz’s style. Zico says he was disappointed with Basick’s performance.


실격 (prod. by Dakshood) – Ja Mezz
Ja Mezz is surprisingly good and I felt like this was the first time I was able to really see his skill.


걔 세 – Winner – Black Nut
Black Nut uses Mino’s song..,lol this guy…Black Nut is kinda all over the place, the beat stops and he says he still has two bars left but Mino and the others watching have had difficulty hearing his lyrics.


Everyone waits with baited breath to see how his diss rap will end.

faces1 faces2

Everyone is speechless at Mino’s dog act.


Geegooin “Is this a diss battle or are they trying to fight?”
Innovator “I’m slightly disappointed in Black Nut”
Jay Park felt that it was below his expectations.

Gold Soul Theory – The Underachievers – Mino
Mino addresses his rap to San E and Verbal Jint first while Black Nut lies on the ground.


I thought Mino did a good job and he somehow managed to keep his cool despite Black Nut’s antics.

The other teams felt it was “bad manners” (in Loco’s words) for Black Nut to distract from Mino’s rap.

Zico said Team Brand New’s stage felt like Superstar K because of all the props and San E says he felt their performance was better regardless. Zico says “I don’t think so” and the MC says he thinks they might fight if he weren’t there.

The audience prepares to vote: blue towels for Team Brand New and white towels for Team Zipal.


It’s really hard to tell by looking who won at first, it’s a close call.



Haha the MC is trying so hard to improve the atmosphere after the heated battle.
Black Nut admits to messing up his lyrics and he says he regrets his performance.

In the end, Team Brand New is declared the winner.

The losing team must eliminate someone. Zico tells his team he’s amazed at how they’ve improved.


Ultimately Ja Mezz is let go (because of his performance quality compared to his teammates)

Team AOMG must also choose someone to eliminate and they end up selecting Sik-K.


Now it’s time for the first round of performances.

Team YG vs Team Brandnew


Team AOMG vs team Zipal

All the teams have spent time preparing for their performances and the losing teams will be eliminated along with the producers.

Why Mino why…


Tablo complains that he has to show up to the studio on his birthday.


“Isn’t this too much?” – Tablo

The MC explains the rules of this round. The first round will be Team AOMG vs Team ZiPal.


rules rules2

Most of the contestants are convinced Lil Boi will be chosen.

confidentinlilboi determinedlilboi

They will both prepare a performance to the same beat.

Geegooin said he was going to give up from the beginning.


In the last practice, Lil Boi is having trouble with his lyrics and seems to be nervous.


Jay and Loco say they will make a decision after the stage practice. Zico and Mino eavesdrop outside and seem confident.

The opposing team is allowed to watch the final rehearsal and Lil Boi has yet to memorize his lyrics, getting Geegooin’s hopes up. Jay seems disappointed that Lil Boi hasn’t gotten it together yet.


The AOMG producers, Mino and Paloalto all believe Geegooin was really good.


As they deliberate, Jay says the decision comes down to whether the chance will be given to the person who did well or the person who is more likely to win.

Jay explains that Geegooin can give a decent performance but Lil Boi can give a moving one. However his performance will lose its impact if he messes up.


Lil Boi is chosen by the producers to perform. Can he come through???

I’m usually skeptical about these hip hop rock tracks but I have to admit I liked this performance. They got the crowd moving, in a very different way than Team AOMG, but the energy was high regardless.

Jay and Loco seem impressed with their performance and Mino gives Andup a shout out at the end (awww).

Of course, we are forced to wait until the next episode to see the result of the audience vote.


Check back here soon for a recap of Episode 8!

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