Peejay – I Get Lifted MV feat. Beenzino

From the CJ E&M Music Youtube Channel:

“Music producer Peejay has established a sound of his own over years of working with underground hip-hop and mainstream artists. In “Walkin’ Vol. 1”, the producer brings together several tracks of his original sound to compile an album of his own for the first time. The album features an impressive array of artists such as Beenzino, Choice 37, G2, Keith Ape, and Jinbo.”

I was very impressed with Peejay’s “Walkin’ Vol. 1” release. The whole album is good stuff, though the G2 X Keith Ape track left a little to be desired. I felt that the rest of the artist collabs made sense musically and sounded pretty good but Keith Ape’s rapping just didn’t mesh well with Peejay’s music in my opinion.

Beenzino never disappoints (of course I’m biased) so “I Get Lifted” is probably my favorite track. The music video follows Beenzino and friends as they wander around Paris. Check it out below!

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