Keith Ape to Continue Music Career in the U.S.

This just in, Keith Ape is officially stopping all activities in South Korea and planning to continue making music in the U.S. HipHopKr interviewed Hilite Records founder Paloalto about the artist’s somewhat sudden move. Read it here:

Following It G Ma’s success I can’t say this news surprises me but I am wondering how Keith Ape will do solo. I really enjoy him as a part of The Cohort but I’m sure some collaborations with American artists will be a big part of his work in the U.S. As I mentioned in my It G Ma article, more interaction between Korean hip hop artists and black artists may be part of the solution to the appropriation problem. Here’s hoping Keith Ape learns a lot during his time here and is able to build relationships with black artists that go beyond putting tracks together.

What do you think about Keith Ape’s move?

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