First Listen – Primary ‘2-2’ Album

Primary released mini-album ‘2-1’ back in April and today ‘2-2’ dropped. ‘2-2’ has two tracks ‘Mannequin’ and ‘그녀는 (Her)’. Here’s a description of the album from 1theK:

PRIMARY is back with the story of ‘2’ after his single ‘2-1’. In the last single he talked about the concerns, romance and conflicts that make ‘us’. But in ‘2-2’ he talks about the story where ‘me’ and the ‘environment’ around me makes the ‘2’together.

For someone, ‘appearance’ is the most important indicator of life, and for someone ‘relationship with the opposite sex’ that can last a life time might take up most part of life. Like this, the ‘2-2’ talks about situation where it’s not just me, but where ‘me’ and the environment around me adds up to make 2 in a whole.


Primary 2-2


The first track “Mannequin” features Beenzino and singer Suran. I really like this song! I’ve never heard of Suran but the great thing about Primary is that he collaborates with great people and often through his music I’m introduced to new artists. Suran (수란) is a singer-songwriter who released a single “I Feel” late last year. She is a R&B/soul vocalist and her voice is great for Primary’s jazzy sound.

I was really excited to see Beenzino on the track. I loved one of the last songs Beenzino and Primary worked on together, ‘멀어 (Away)’ from the Primary and the Messengers LP. And as for his section in this song…where do I begin? I like Beenzino more every time I hear him rap. His verse was way too short but he’s fun to watch in the music video as well. Check it out below with English subs!


“Her” is a great song with a funky bass line featuring several artists: Singer Jung In, Choiza (Dynamic Duo) and Haeng Ju & Jigu In (Rhythm Power). I’m waiting on lyrics but Choiza delivers a solid performance in his verse.

I hope that this means there will be a ‘2-3’ to look forward to! I’m not sure if ‘2-2’ is available in Itunes yet but make sure to download it online in the meantime.



4 thoughts on “First Listen – Primary ‘2-2’ Album

  1. fierceloveVIP says:

    Hi ! I love your review and your taste of musics is pretty similar to me lol.
    Please give a review on 2-3 since he just dropped the latest MV for the song Don’t Be Shy 🙂


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