Artist Highlight – Singer Shin Jisu



My taste in music typically favors male vocalists in most genres but I’ve discovered a few female artists that I really enjoy and one of them is Shin Jisu. Shin Jisu was a contestant on Superstar K3 who made it to the Top 7 and she released her first debut album ’20’s Party 1′ back in April.

I mentioned in a previous post her feature on Giriboy’s ‘Back and Forth 30 Minutes’, which was my first time hearing her sing. A year ago she collaborated with Crucial Star for New Wave Studio on a song called ‘Show Me Your Light’. You can see a live peformance version below from 1theK:

I would definitely place Shin Jisu in the R&B/neo-soul genre but her style also fits ballad and pop as well. I think her album shows her versatility as an artist well.

One of my favorite tracks for the album is ‘Looks Like Ex’ in which she sends a message to an ex-boyfriend after seeing him with a new girl.

AOMG artist Loco is featured on ‘Listen‘ and I was also excited to see female rapper Sleeq on ‘Hey Jude‘. I have gotten around to listening to Sleeq’s single album yet but I’ve liked her features on DazeAlive label-mate Jerry K’s albums. Her voice and flow work really well with this track and the music video captures the mood of the song and the lyrics perfectly. Check out the fun video below!

Make sure to check out the rest of Shin Jisu’s first album and like her page on Facebook.

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