New Music from Soyoungyi!

Singer-songwriter Soyoungyi (소영이) released an EP album entitled ‘저기요’ (Hey Darling) last week on the 15th. The album has four tracks:

1. 저기요 (Hey Darling) (title track)

2. 고마워 (Thank You) (Remastered)

3. 외로워 (I’m Lonely)

4. 겁 (I’m Afraid)

You can listen to the title track below!


Just yesterday, Soyoungyi’s first studio album ’24’ was released! It has a total of 9 tracks, starting with the 4 songs from the ‘Hey Darling’ EP followed by her single ‘Dawn’ released a while ago.There are three new tracks:

6. 가까이 와 (Come Closer) (title track)

7. 뒤돌아보지 마오 (Don’t Look Back)

8. 잘자요 (Good Night)

Listen to ‘Come Closer’ below!

All of the new music from Soyoungi can be found on the Madeleine Music YouTube Channel.

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