New Releases Coming Soon!

Here are a couple exciting releases to look forward to this month!

First off, Gray’s new track ‘하기나해’ (Just Do It) comes out in just 12 hours (midnight Korea time, 10 am Chicago time). I have really enjoyed Gray’s production for AOMG recently as well as his many features on other artists albums. His ‘Call Me Gray’ EP from a while ago was solid so I look forward to this.

So my buddy Sam alerted me to the fact that this was happening. Definitely high anticipation for this one. Genius Nochang from JustMusic relasing a track titled ‘All Day’ featuring Tablo, to be released at some point this month. As far as music production goes Genius Nochang has lived up to his name and in my eyes Tablo can do no wrong.

I could have sworn I saw something about an album from Primary coming out soon but I can’t figure out where so maybe I imagined it…so I guess that’s all for now! Will update this post if anything else comes to my attention. A review of Gray’s new track will be up soon!


Primary is releasing what looks like a mini album later this week! I’m excited to see that it’ll feature Gaeko, Jungigo and Rap Monster (man, he’s been busy lately). Check out the Instagram update from Amoeba Culture below:

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