3 Must-Hear Korea/U.S. Artist Collaborations

Every once in a while, Korean hip hop fans like myself are blessed with the combined talents of well-known American artists and Korean artists on the same track. It is a rare day that I’m disappointed by one of these collabs…but it does happen (WHO had the foolish idea to add Trinidad James to Jay Park’s ‘Success Crazed’…never again). But here are three that I am extremely pleased with.

  • 1) Dynamic Duo x DJ Premier – AEAO


Choiza and Gaeko teamed up with DJ Premier (also known as Preemo) and the result is fantastic. Preemo’s laid-back beat meshes perfectly with the duo’s rap flow, especially Gaeko’s. The mannequins in the video are a little weird but I love that we get to see DJ Premier and the guys in action. I’m always partial to dance elements of any kind so I really appreciated the free-styling that was featured. Make sure to read the lyrics posted here on DJ Premier’s blog.

  •  2) Outsider x Twista – Star Warz


Shout out to my friend Bisola who brought this collab to my attention earlier this year. In Star Warz, Chicago-native Twista, declared by Guiness to be the fastest rapper in the world back in 1992, links up with the “homie from overseas”, Korean rapper Outsider, also well known for his speed. It’s crazy how fast these guys can deliver rhymes.

  • 3) Rap Monster x Warren G – P.D.D.


THIS. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but after listening to this a couple times over the last few days I’m officially sold. This track may be the result of Rap Mon and the rest of the BTS crew spending time on the West Coast for that strange, somewhat inspiring, semi-problematic reality show on Mnet entitled ‘American Hustle Life’. Warren G apparently directed the controversial “L.A. version” of the Boy in Luv music video. More on all of that later I promise. The lyrics are SO important for getting the most out of this one and 1theK is on it with the English subs in the closed caption.


Comment on this post with some of your favorite collabs between American and Korean artists!

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