Zion. T and Crush just released ‘Just’ and it is EVERYTHING

My apologies for that title…all puns aside, I have decided to view this video as a personal early birthday gift from Zion. T and Crush to yours truly. I am writing this post from Evanston where there is currently 10+ inches of snow on the ground and I’m not even mad about all the snow falling in this video because of the perfection that is the combined vocals of these two men.

‘Just’ is from Crush and Zion. T’s collaborative album ‘Young’ due to be released February 2nd.

I really wasn’t sure that it could get much better than Two Melodies but I was mistaken. First off, it is so good to have Zion. T back! Zion. T’s distinct vocals are highlighted so well on this track. I am IN LOVE with the instrumentals on this one. That piano just does it for me. And Crush! I am so proud of this young man. His voice has matured so much in the last year.

I was so pleased with “Just” that I almost forgot how salty I am about the fact that Amoeba Culture will be in ATLANTA in March and for once I won’t be home. They’re going to be in my city ya’ll and I can’t go! Zion. T and Crush alone would be enough but Primary and Dynamic Duo too?! I’ll get over it…eventually…*tears*

Without further ado, please watch the music video for ‘Just’ below. I hope you’re ready because I definitely wasn’t.

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