Music Video | Cheers – Gaeko, Yankie (feat. Beenzino, Babylon)

YAAAS to every part of this video. It’s good to see Yankie again, it’s been a minute. I see you Babylon with those slight dance skills. Okay, is it just me or does he sound COMPLETELY different on this collaboration than he did on ‘Good Times’ with Paloalto? My friend Sam called it when he said Babylon’s voice is reminiscent of Taeyang circa 2010. Beenzino is flawless and swaggy as always (didja catch that Tuesday reference?). His voice…UGH..the thirst is always real with him.

As a dancer, I really appreciated the choreo sections in the video, I think they really enhanced the dance party feel of the track. Gaeko, well known as half of Dynamic Duo, is a staple of Korean hip hop. If you haven’t heard his latest solo album ‘Redingray’ you need to get on that. If I had to pick, his verse is probably my favorite.

Does ‘Cheers’ means we can look forward to future Gaeko/Yankie creations? I hope so.

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