Woogie ‘Rewind My Tape pt. 1’ Review

Woogie released part one of his Rewind My Tape project on March 23rd. I really enjoy this short album!

Film director Hobin created the music videos (which are more short films than music videos) for two of the tracks – ‘Girl’ and ‘Rolling Stone’. They are linked below. You may recognize Hobin’s work as he has created projects for many other artists (remember the video series for Millic’s latest album?)

Before reading my thoughts on each track, I highly recommend watching the video below in which Jay Park and Woogie preview the album, introducing the songs and feature artists. Shout out to Dingo for the great content!

Rolling Stones (feat. Car, the Garden) is a laid-back groove. This is the first time I’ve heard something produced by Woogie that falls in the rock genre. A steady, guitar bass line anchors the song and I love how everything lightens up around the 2:33 mark. Car, the Garden is the perfect artist for this kind of track. I can tell it will be the kind of song that grows on me with each listen.

Have A Good Night (feat. ELO) is a slow and funky R&B jam – my favorite track on this album. I miss ELO (don’t sleep on this man’s vocals!) He even blends a little rap in with his usual vocals. The hook is so simple but so catchy.

GIRL (feat. Loco, Hwang So-yoon) is such a pleasant surprise? The way it’s constructed, GIRL almost sounds like two different songs if you separate Loco’s verses from So-yoon’s. I wasn’t sure what to expect from So-yoon on this track but I loved the neo-soul vibe she lends the song in the chorus.

쉼표 (feat. Colde, Shin Hae-kyung) is so soft and beautiful. Listening to it made me a little sleepy, not in a ‘yawn-I’m-bored’ way but in the best way possible. A great close to the album.

What did you think of Rewind My Tape Pt. 1? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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