Offonoff ‘boy.’ Album Review

I had the pleasure of seeing offonoff perform in the spring at the Dean x Club Eskimo show in Chicago (read my review here). This duo though. Colde’s voice and 0channel’s A+ production make a killer combo and I couldn’t be more pleased with this debut album. In addition to creating the music on the album, all of the music videos were also directed by offonoff themselves. You can find all the music videos posted under their respective songs below! Hope you enjoy this review!

in the car – they don’t waste time with an intro but get right into it with this opening song. It’s a mellow track but I love the slight build in intensity starting around the halfway mark.

Cigarette (feat. Tablo & MISO) – this is a great feature artist collaboration! First, YAAS to Miso featuring as a vocalist. She is an up-and-coming producer who also happens to have a great voice. I love the way her vocals blend with Colde’s. I usually prefer Tablo rapping in Korean but I like his verse. In fact, all the lyrics are in English, a nice treat for fans here in the West accustomed to searching for lyric translations.

gold (feat. DEAN) – honestly I was hooked from that ‘pow-pow’ in the beginning. I love the progression of this album so far. While the last two tracks were more or less slow jams, this one will definitely get you dancing. If you’ve been a Korean R&B fan for at least the last two years then you know you can’t go wrong with a DEAN feature. There are many great elements in this track, my favorites being the piano and the echoing bits here and there (i.e. “we’ll be alright”).

Good2me (feat. Punchnello) – another upbeat track with an addictive rhythm. Ugh the production is just so good, I would love an instrumental version of this.

boy – this track starts more on the hip hop side of things and then the chorus slows down with more of a indie feel. Like most music by Club Eskimo crew, it’s hard to pin down to any one genre.

Photograph – this song was previously released. I loved hearing this performed live.

film roll – this one has a dreamlike-acoustic-coffee shop vibe (if that makes any sense). It serves as a mini-interlude between ‘Photograph’ and

Dance (춤) – definitely enjoy this one with the music video. Another addictive hook on this track along with a great use of background vocals.

midnight – I’m not totally sure but I feel like there was a preview of this track at the concert (?). This is my second favorite track after ‘gold’.

Moon, 12:04am – this one was also previously released on the photograph mini-album.

homeless door (feat. Rad Museum) – this is my third favorite track. I love being introduced to new artists and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for Rad Museum from now on.

Overthinking – I added this one to my emo playlist, simply because the title is the story of my life T___T This track kind of brings the album back full circle and I love that the second half is instrumental.

This album is a great listen over all! I imagine the more upbeat tracks will be the most popular but I really recommend listening to every song. Which is your favorite?

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