Jazzyfact ‘Waves Like’ – Album Review

The last Jazzyfact album was released in October of 2010. Producer Shimmytwice and rapper Beenzino have come together again to bring us Waves Like (fittingly recorded at SoundWave Studios in Oakland)

Each song on this album has a unique vibe. Here’s a quick review:

Journey is the perfect start to the album. It’s like Beenzino is reintroducing Jazzyfact to the world. I really enjoy Shimmytwice’s production on the second half of this track.

Cross The Street showcases Beenzino’s rap skill, particularly speed as one of his strong points. This background instrumentals on this track has dream-like quality.

하루종일 is hands down my favorite track. I NEED to see this performed live. The music video is an essential part of enjoyment of this track.

Young Knight is reminiscent of Beenzino’s dark and moody ‘Up All Night’ album. It’s a chill track but there’s an underlying angst.

On My Wave features Ambition Musik’s Keem Hyo Eun. This track has a great, steady beat. I love how the drums give it a fast-paced feel.

When I first heard Don Emoji$ my first thought was that it has a Kanye vibe to it. Coincidentally, one of the producers/lyric writers for this song worked on Kanye’s song New God Flow. I love the big band sound, especially being from the south. For me this sound is similar to something you’d hear performed at a HBCU’s Battle of the Bands.

Up Up And Away has an excellent 90s hip hop beat, with jazz undertones. Another nod to Kanye with the opening lyrics. This track is another favorite for me on this album.

Did you enjoy Waves Like? Let me know which song(s) is your favorite in the comments!


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