New Single from Jay Park x Dok2 Plus Two New H1GHR Music Releases!

Recently, Jay Park and Dok2 collaborated (it’s been a while right??) on a new song titled ‘Most Hated‘. This track (produced by the unstoppable GroovyRoom duo) is great because it showcases both artists at their best. This collab might be considered a preview of the type of music we can expect from the AOMG-Illi producer team on Show Me The Money this season. Say what you like (or don’t like) about them, they are unashamed of their talent and undeniable success – which is basically what the entire song is about. Peep the lyrics here. You can find the track on Apple Music.

Love My Life’, by Jay Park featuring pH-1, is a groove you have to hear (lyrics here). The track is produced by H1GHR Music producer Thurxday. I love pH-1’s verse. H1GHR Music is on a roll lately with new singles. I’m glad artists like pH-1 and G.Soul are getting so much shine.

G.Soul moving to H1GHR Music was the best thing to happen to him and his fans. G.Soul’s vocals are gold on ‘Bad Habit’, also produced by Thurxday. I love the vibe of this song. If for some reason you still haven’t heard his other recent release ‘Tequila‘ please get on that.

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