Throwback Thursday: A Few Releases You Might Have Missed from Bumkey, Boi B, Junggigo and Babylon

Running this site solo is hard work, especially as a student. Inevitably, sometimes artists release new music that I either completely miss or forget to check out (you do NOT want to see how many videos are in my ‘Watch Later’ playlist on YouTube). Now that it’s summer, I’m trying to catch up! Here are a few Korean hip hop and R&B releases I didn’t cover the last couple months that you might have missed!

Bumkey released his latest album U-TURN last year (you can read my review here). The music video for the song ‘Surprise’ from the album, featuring Beenzino, was released at the end of April. The video is produced by Christian (+Ian) from Dream Perfect Regime. Check it out below!

Boi B released his EP Night Vibe at the end of April (available on Apple Music!). The track ‘ADY’ featuring Sik-K is a MUST-LISTEN in my opinion. I love the mood of this song. The music video is also excellent. Check it out below:

Also in the spring, R&B vocalist Junggigo released his Across the Universe album. ‘Across the Universe’ is the title track (music video below). I NEED to review this album. Junggigo is actually one of my favorite R&B vocalists on the scene and still the reigning MVP in my book for bringing Zion.T, Crush and DEAN together on one track (‘일주일 247’, previously released but on this album).

So I missed a lot in April…ALSO released that month was R&B artist Babylon’s S.S.F.W. mini-album, another one I need to go back and review.  Listen to the song ‘Ocean Drive’ featuring San E and check out the accompanying music video (featuring Asia Jackson!):

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