Sik-K ‘H.A.L.F’ Album Highlights

Sik-K recently released H.A.L.F (Have A Little Fun), which I believe is his first full album.  H.A.L.F contains eleven tracks with some exciting features. This is his first official release with H1GHR MUSIC.

This album includes the pre-released track ‘Ring Ring’ feat. Gaeko – interesting choice for the first track.

‘party (Shut Down)‘ is a bop that I’ll probably return to often this summer. I’m not even annoyed by the unnecessary autotune. Sik-K is fully in his element on this track and we’re blessed with Crush rapping yet again.

The only Fly related things I have to share are: 1) it’s produced by Groovyroom and they never disappoint and 2) this screenshot I took of Sik-K’s Instagram story – which is funny because I didn’t realize what his shirt said until later…


A Lil Bit (feat. Simon Dominic & The Quiett) – We were all expecting Simon D to rap, but those two verses he sang?? I’m shook. I can’t wait for his new album to drop.

Other favorite tracks on the album: Too Many feat. Jay Park, Xyz, Somebody Else, Have a Little Fun feat. DPR LIVE

What did you think of H.A.L.F? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading.

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