Giriboy x Junggigo – Days of Disturbance

As reported by Allkpop, Starship Entertainment’s Vintage Box “is a project where the Starship artists will reinterpret a well-loved song by indie artists.” 

The third part of the project, released back in December, is a collaboration by Junggigo (signed with Starship) and Giriboy covering Bily Acoustie’s ‘소란했던 시절에 (Days of Disturbance)’. I love how Giriboy and Junggigo made this song their own! Looking forward to more ‘Vintage Box’ releases in the future.


You can listen to the original song below the music video for Giriboy and Junggigo’s version. You can find the English lyrics here courtesy of PopGasa.

Here is a video of Bily Acoustie performing the original version:

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