Artist Live drops ‘Coming To You Live’ EP & 3 new music videos!

A couple weeks ago, Live pre-released his single ‘Know Me‘ featuring DEAN. I had no idea a full EP was coming! With this release, I feel like Live has already secured his spot as the hottest up-and-coming Korean hip hop artist of 2017.


First of all, I love the album artwork design. Each song on the EP has a unique symbol perfect for eye-catching teasers. Here’s the track list:


As expected from Dream Perfect Regime, in addition to ‘Know Me’ there are three music videos out for each of the other tracks with features: ‘Laputa’ featuring Crush, ‘Right Here Right Now’ featuring Loco and Jay Park, and ‘Please’ featuring Kim Hyo Eun, G2, and Dumbfoundead.

I’ll start with ‘Please‘. Everyone sounds SO GOOD on this track and the verses flow into each other so well. G2 and Dumbfoundead serve up great verses but I want to take a moment to once again say how much I enjoy Kim Hyo Eun’s rapping. Seriously, don’t sleep on the kid.

Next, ‘Laputa‘. First off, as expected, DPR delivers with the visuals. Second of all, we are blessed yet again with Crush rapping. Third, this track’s production has more of a neo-soul vibe and I’m digging it. It’s so clear that Live has grown as an artist since his releases last year.

Lastly, ‘Right Here Right Now‘. So far I have only listened to the tracks with accompanying MVs but I have to say that this song is probably my least favorite out of the four musically speaking. THAT BEING SAID, Loco’s verse and Jay’s vocals saved this one for me.

I’m really looking forward to more music from Live in the future! I think that Live could definitely grow lyrically as well as mature in his delivery but this EP is solid. I was really impressed with the versatility of the tracks. The entire EP (with the exception of ‘Interlude’) is on Spotify so make sure to listen and let me know what you think!




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