New Music from DEAN & Crucial Star featuring Babylon

On February 8th, rapper Crucial Star released a new song ‘쉬어도 돼 (You Can Rest)’ featuring R&B artist Babylon. LISTEN… don’t sleep on Crucial Star. I always say this but he is and continues to be my favorite Korean rapper. If you haven’t read any of my reviews of his music before, just search his name on this blog. He and Babylon deliver heartwarming lyrics in this touching song:

How did you raise a guy like me?
You gave up your life
And poured it all out for me
Times you shed your blood and sweat for me
It hits my heart harder today

Check out the music video below and the rest of the lyrics here:

A few days ago, DEAN released his new single album Limbo. There are two tracks, ‘불청객 (Unknown/Uninvited Guest)’ and ‘넘어와 (Come Over)’ featuring singer Baek Yerin. Both songs are SO good but what else is to be expected from DEAN?

The first song is beautiful. Dean’s voice floats over soft piano playing and the whole track sounds like it’s being played from a phonograph. If you’re not familiar with Baek Yerin, she’s a 19-year-old singer-songwriter currently signed with JYP. Her vocals combine so well with DEAN’s for ‘Come Over, which just might be your new favorite R&B jam.

DEAN did a live broadcast on the V app right before the album release to answer questions from fans and talk about the songs on Limbo. I highly recommend watching it to learn more about the album and DEAN as an artist. You can find the video with English subs here.

Watch the music video for ‘Come Over’ below! Limbo is available on Spotify!

*Credit to PopGasa for the lyric translations!

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