Crush, Eddy Kim, Sam Kim and 10cm lend their voices to Goblin OST

Some of your favorite male vocalists have been featured on the original soundtrack for the very popular Korean drama ‘Goblin’ that is currently airing. Besides the engaging plot line and beautiful cinematography (not to mention Gong Yoo), the music has been one of the best parts of the show. Here are the songs with the officially released audio or music video for each one below:

Goblin OST Part 2  – 내 눈에만 보여 (My eyes) – 10 cm

Goblin OST Part 4 – Beautiful – Crush

Goblin OST Part 5 – 이쁘다니까 (You are so beautiful) – Eddy Kim

Goblin OST Part 6 – Who Are You – Sam Kim 


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