Hoody’s On and On EP is a Must-Listen [Album Review]

If you haven’t fallen in love with Hoody’s vocals yet, you will after listening to this album. A lot of great music has been released this year and in my opinion this EP places Hoody on top as the best female Korean R&B artist. When AOMG returns to the U.S. for another tour I hope Hoody will be joining!


The first song, By Your Side (feat. Jinbo), is a great upbeat dance track produced by Peejay. It’s probably my favorite song on the album (although it’s really hard to choose). Jinbo and Hoody are a perfect pair. You can check out the music video here.

Next is Your Eyes (feat. Jay Park). I love the jazz elements of this track, especially the piano at the end of the chorus. Stellar production by GRAY once again. I’ve probably said this before but I love when Jay features on other people’s songs because I still prefer Jay Park singing to Jay Park rapping. Peep the music video below:

The Light is a slow groove (produced by GRAY) that continues to showcase Hoody’s vocals. This song is followed by Lust (feat. ELO). Cha Cha Malone has been on fire this year. You know when you hear his signature at the beginning of a song, you won’t be disappointed. ELO and Hoody have teamed up for a slow jam before (on ELO’s song ‘Friends with Benefits’) but musically I enjoy this song more.

Forest has a really engaging ethereal sound. My first thought was that this sounds like something Giriboy would produce but it was produced by Hoody herself! This track is short but the perfect bridge between ‘Lust’ and Need U (feat. Dok2). Can we talk about Dok2’s versatility for a minute? At first I wasn’t sure how a Dok2 verse would fit on this track but somehow it made perfect sense. GRAY does it again. I love the way the tempo of this one rises and falls.

Like You (produced by GRAY) is Hoody’s previously released single. There were other songs she released before as an independent artist but this is the first single that really got my attention. Last but not least is On an On (Outro), produced by Hoody. I love the futuristic vibe of this track. It makes perfect sense as an outro but I still wish it were longer.

The last track is an instrumental version of ‘Your Eyes’. Below is a live performance of the song by Jay Park and Hoody courtesy of Dingo Music!

Thanks for reading! Follow Hoody on Instagram and check out her album on Spotify!

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