New Single ‘OMG’ from Double K

Rapper and co-CEO of New Wave Records Double K is dropping a new song ‘OMG’ on December 2nd! The track features Dok2 and singer/actor Seo In Guk.

There is a lot of curiosity surrounding Seo In Guk’s involvement on the track. Will he sing? Will he rap? The artist has collaborated with Swings in the past on a R&B-style track I really enjoy but I’m interested in seeing what he’ll bring to the table this time around.

Nior, who produced ‘OMG’, posted a picture of himself with Double K and Seo In Guk several weeks ago on Instagram:

If you don’t know Nior, check out the artist highlight I wrote on him here. I was really excited to see he joined New Wave Records and am looking forward to hearing what they’ve been working on. Watch the teaser for ‘OMG’ below! (This post will be updated later when the song and full music video are released.)

UPDATE: The music video is here! Watch:

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