#CrushOnYouTour – Chicago Show Review

I don’t think I can sleep until I take the time to process Crush’s amazing show in Chicago tonight. Chicago was the first U.S. stop of the Crush On You – wonderlust tour and Shin Hyo Seob killed it!


Millic (HIGHGRND/Club Eskimo) is joining Crush for the tour and opened the show with a DJ set that got the crowd pumped up.


I knew Crush was a great vocalist but this man can sing. I MEAN REALLY SING. For every song he performed, he sounded exactly like he does recorded. He performed a lot of songs: from his Crush On You album (Crush on You, I Fancy You, Whatever You Do, Hug Me, 가끔); some of his collaboration/feature songs (Mommae Remix, 감아 by Loco, Two Melodies by Zion.T, Just with Zion.T); both songs from the Oasis mini album (You and I, Oasis); the first three tracks of Interlude (In the Air, Woo Ah, 9 to 5); ‘어떻게 지내’ and ‘2411’ from wonderlust and of course ‘잊어버리지마’.


Crush has great stage presence and you could tell he was enjoying himself during the show (his dance moves are the best). He was really excited to connect with the fans. He dragged a staff person on stage twice to help him translate what he was trying to share with the audience.

He wrote a letter to his Chicago fans that he read for us before sealing it with a kiss and throwing it into the crowd. This lucky fan was the recipient:

Lastly, here are some more photos and video from the show captured by fans and myself! Thanks for reading!

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