Crucial Star ‘Fall 2’ Album Review

It’s been a long wait but Crucial Star is back with Fall 2. You can stream the entire album on Spotify while you read my quick review of the album.

가을엔 (Fall) (feat. Kim Na Young) – I’m always impressed by the music Crucial Star puts out. This song starts off like a slow piano ballad (umm Crucial’s vocals tho??). It picks up as the beat comes in and Crucial starts rapping, building during the chorus and his second verse, and slowing down again at the end. It’s a really beautifully composed song. I’m not familiar with Kim Na Young’s music but I love her voice. If you haven’t watched the music video yet, you can watch it here.

Coffee (feat. Donutman) – This song has that signature Crucial Star sound – smooth rapping and vocals over a jazz beat. I haven’t checked out Donutman’s recent solo album yet but good to hear him on this track.

그녀는 것이 아닐 아름답다 – A lovely little instrumental interlude that bridges the album nicely.

이뻐서 힘들어 (Feat. Louie of Geeks, Brother Su, Lovey) – This song is feature-packed – all of the artists have collaborated with Crucial before. Probably my least favorite song on the album but still a good one.

있을까 싶어 (Feat. XIA of JYJ) – This track was pre-released. I love the lyrics. Wrote briefly about this one here.

Bulletproof (Feat. Hash Swan, Sik-K, Konsoul) – I really like the entire album but this is my favorite track. I’m looking forward to Hash Swan releasing some solo music with Ambition soon. He’s great on this song. ‘Bulletproof’ is a bit of a departure from the mood of the rest of the album but I love it because it’s reminiscent of Drawing #3 (Crucial’s last album released earlier this year).

What did you think of Fall 2? Check out the live performance of ‘Fall’ by Crucial Star and Kim Na Young below! Thanks for reading!

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