Watch: Loco and Crush in Music Video for ‘Still’

Yoooooo. This song is amazing…Loco killed it. I don’t really have words for how good this single is. From what I gather from Instagram, Woogie Park and Gray worked on the production as well as Stay Tuned (Fanxychild, Club Eskimo). And if a Loco solo isn’t great enough, Crush’s feature on this track is everything. Go ahead and watch while I try to gather my thoughts:

The beat. Loco’s verses. Crush’s vocals. Loco and Crush coming together to finish the song off at the end. The lyrics are beautiful. I love everything about this single. Not to mention all the feels in the music video, from snapshots of Loco’s Show Me the Money days to Loco with his VV:D crew (TEARS):


What did you think of ‘Still’? I will personally have it on repeat for a while. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and don’t forget to like the SeoulRebels page on Facebook.


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