Paloalto ‘Victories’ Album Review

Here’s a quick review of Paloalto’s new album Victories!

Home  – A feel good start to the album. Paloalto released a music video for ‘Home’ earlier last month:

시차적응 (Jet Lag) (feat. Loopy) – Paloalto’s songs almost always would be just as good as instrumental tracks. I love the production of this song. Loopy is a great fit for this track’s sound.

Victories (watch the music video here) – I love how this one starts with the keyboard in the beginning, then the beat and snare come in, with the vocal sample added in later. The disjointed break down in the hook was unexpected but I dig it. This track was produced by YunB, an artist new to Hilite. Definitely check out his Soundcloud, he’s got some great stuff uploaded.

Matiz – This track exemplifies Paloalto’s love for jazz – a great track with a nice groove throughout.

No Love (feat. Justhis) (Extended Ver.) – This track has been available for download on Paloalto’s Soundcloud for about a year. It’s one of my favorites on the album. I love the heavy bass and the rhythm of Paloalto’s verses. So far the production on this album is on point. Justhis has a really unique sound that works well on this track. Paloalto chose his features well.

Desire (feat. 김사랑 and Koonta) – This one had to grow on me after a few listens. Probably my least favorite track, especially following ‘No Love’. I definitely need to check out the full lyrics for this one.

베짱이 (feat. Car, the garden) – I really like this one as a final song. The last two tracks don’t really fit with the rest of the album but this one works for me. I’m not very familiar with ‘Car, The garden‘ but I remember his name from his feature on a track by CJamm.

I really appreciate Paloalto’s decision to include the last two tracks because they push the envelope a bit and show us a different side of him as an artist. They don’t fit nicely into the hip hop category which is kind of refreshing.

I’m missing a Hilite Records show in Atlanta in a couple weeks (ugh) but hopefully they’ll hit up Chicago in the next year!

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