Kim Hyo Eun ‘My Ambition’ EP [Album Review]

Here are some thoughts on Kim Hyo Eun’s debut EP with Ambition Musik:

Track 1 – Rap Star (feat. Dok2) – This is a solid first track. My guess is that The Quiett produced this one. The best word I can think of to describe Kim Hyo Eun’s voice and flow is steady. What I loved about him on SMTM5 was his quiet confidence:

Track 2 – 5 Minutes – This track (and really Kim Hyo Eun’s style) is reminiscent of 90s rap where the beat was simple and the main draw of the song was the lyrics. I wonder how popular Kim Hyo Eun will be among international fans because he doesn’t really use English and he doesn’t have the trap sound that’s so popular these days. This is exactly why I personally find him refreshing.

Track 3 – Imagination (‘Picture Me Rollin’ on Spotify) – Hmm more great instrumentals on this one. This track highlights another strength of Kim Hyo Eun’s rapping – his sense of rhythm.

Track 4 – New Kings (feat. JUSTHIS, Young B & The Quiett) – I got excited when I saw that Justhis was on this one – I really like his verse. I think his style is really unique. I love the beat on this track as well.

Track 5 – Til I Die – Another solid track produced by PrimaVista. I really hope the translated lyrics become available so I can fully appreciate this one.

Track 6 – Beautiful Life (feat. Kim Min Sun) – This is a great end to the album and one of my favorite tracks musically.

Overall this is a great first album from Kim Hyo Eun. I think his rapping style matches perfectly with The Quiett’s beat production -more old school and laid back than the “turn up” type tracks that Illionaire is known for. You can find the entire EP on Spotify and look forward to a music video coming soon for the title track ‘상상’ (‘Imagination’). Check it out the teaser below!

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