Throwback Thursday – 88 Rising Presents: The Last Orcas Series

Starting this summer 88 Rising has been releasing new content from The Cohort in a series called ‘Last Orcas’. I am glad to see that Keith Ape hooked up with 88 Risng. This seems to be a better platform for his music (collaborations or otherwise) than just his personal Youtube account and Soundcloud.

As a part of this series we not only get new music from Keith Ape but also music videos for one of Okasian’s previously released songs (‘Get That Money’) and for a remix of his song ‘Walkin‘ which dropped back in April.

There’s also a new collaboration track from Okasian and Kohh. Oh, and we get to see Bryan Cha$e’s face.

What are your favorite songs? I have had ‘Let Us Prey’ on repeat lately – the lyrics are just okay but I love the song production and the visuals in the video are great. Actually the production for all the videos in this series is on point. Check out the entire series in the playlist from 88 Rising below.

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