Queen T returns with new single album!

Yoonmirae aka T (adoringly referred to as Queen T) has released ‘잠깐만 Baby (Hold on Baby)’, which is the title song of her new single album. ‘JamCome On Baby’ is the official English title. The album also contains the English version of the title song and ‘사랑이 맞을거야 (Smells&Reno Remix)’.

Yoonmirae recently worked on a collaboration project with AnnOne and Rocky Rivera but this is her first single release in a while.

After seeing the teaser, I was expecting an upbeat pop-style song. Instead, we were blessed with Yoonmirae’s rapping and vocals in a hip-hop and R&B slow jam. Check out the music video below – Yoonmirae is rocking the curls (yaaas) and her Feel Ghood Music label mates – husband Tiger JK and rapper Bizzy – make a cameo!

Last month, Yoonmirae made several appearances on popular Korean music show ‘Fantastic Duo’. Watch her perform one of her most iconic songs ‘Black Happiness’ below:

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