Punchnello releases first single album ‘Lime’

Punchello has released his first single album! The artist joined HIGHGRND in the spring but you may  also know him as one of the Club Eskimo artists. Punchnello was featured most notably in ‘Eung Freestyle‘ and most recently on Live’s song ‘God Bless’ and Sik-K’s Flip album on the track ‘Don’t Play‘.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Punchnello, check out this 60-second intro video:

Lime contains 3 tracks, all composed and arranged by Punchnello’s HIGHGRND/Club Eskimo buddy Millic.


I really enjoy Corona and you will too. The jazz elements, Punchnello’s flow, Crush’s A+ vocals, the overall production – I can’t wait for the music video for ‘Corona’ coming soon! Check out the teaser and listen to the song below!

Follow Punchnello on Instagram and Soundcloud and watch him perform the track ‘Green Horizon’ below!


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