New Summer Jams from AOMG

SeoulRebels has been on a bit of a hiatus the last two weeks. I moved and start grad school tomorrow so hopefully I will be back to writing regularly as I settle into a new routine. As always, thanks for reading!

Jay Park teamed up with rapper Kirin to bring us a fresh 90s-inspired track titled ‘City Breeze’. The song is great and the music video is even better. Jay Park and Kirin are an excellent pair in baggy jeans and shoulder pads and both artists are on point with their rapping and vocals. Check out the lyrics here and the music video below!

Meanwhile, Gray has released a remix of his ‘Summer Night’ track (from the 2013 Call Me Gray EP) featuring Hoody. I’m a fan of the original but also a huge fan of Hoody and the production on this remix . Listen below!

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