New music from Suran, Sanchez and KillaGramz plus new BewhY x CJamm track coming soon!

Singer-songwriter Suran has released a new single ‘Paradise Go’. Check out this blurb from 1theK: “Suran’s new single ‘Paradise Go’ is produced by Suran and the composer ca$hville, and it is Future bass music where pop color is added to the Chillout&Tropical sound base. It is music that is like a vacation of your dreams, looking for a cool summer among the hot summer days. It is the ‘Suran style easy-to-listen summer’ song, dreaming of a sweet summer vacation.”

Check out the video, filmed in beautiful Bali, below!

Sanchez and KillaGramz, both recent contestants on SMTM5, have collaborated to release a new song ‘Claustrophobia’.


Last but not least, $exy $treet brothers BewhY and CJamm are dropping a new collaboration track ‘Puzzle’ on August 11th! I didn’t know the wait for new music from these two would be so short. I can’t wait to hear what what they’ve created.

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