B-Free ‘free from Seoul’ EP [Album Review]

B-Free’s new EP ‘free from Seoul’ was released not long ago under his new label New Wave Records.


Here’s a quick review:

The EP starts with Shadow featuring Cokejazz. It’s good to hear B-Free and Cokejazz back together – it’s been a while since ‘Love Last Forever‘. This is a great intro track. The overall sound, the lyrics, the slow escalation of B-Free’s rapping in the beginning – all of the elements come together to evoke the mood of one emerging from the depths or from the shadows of some dark alley.

The album breaks the surface and moves into NEW WAVE featuring Double K and Paloalto. The visuals in the music video for this one are excellent. Double K has a somewhat aggressive tone so I was worried about how he might sound on this song but his verse fit well in the middle and  Paloalto’s verse is solid. An instrumental version of this track would be really chill.

거짓말 (Lies) featuring Justhis is really weird but in the best way. I haven’t heard anything quite like this. The guitar gives the song this strange Western twang but combined with the beat and the (keyboard?) sounds in the background it somehow all makes sense. I remembered the name Justhis from the song ‘Population Control’ from Mad Clown’s 2015 Piece of Mine EP, which also features Paloalto and G2. Justhis was recently featured on ‘Dope’ (along with Okasian) from The Quiett’s Q Train 2

Next we have the Fly Away Remix featuring Loota and Kohh. I’m not going to pretend like I keep up with Japanese hip hop at all. ‘It G Ma’ was the first time I had heard of Loota and Kohh and I haven’t listened to much of their music since, which is why I’m thankful for collaborations like these. Haven’t heard the original ‘Fly Away’? Neither had I. Here it is:

The EP continues with Dollars and Yen featuring Okasian and Cokejazz. I enjoyed Okasian’s verse but overall the style of this song is not my favorite. The whole time I was hoping that the pace would pick up.

The last track on the EP is Won featuring Cokejazz. At first, ‘Won’ is a bit unexpected relative to the other songs on the EP. However, I revisited B-Free’s Korean Dream album from 2014 and this track and ‘Lies’ are reminiscent of the rock elements from ‘On Fire’ (which also featured Cokejazz).

Overall, I really like this album. I always thought B-Free created good music and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes his art with New Wave. What did you think of free from Seoul?

You can get the EP on iTunes here for only $5. Subscribe to the New Wave Records YouTube channel and follow the label on Instagram!

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