Show Me The Money 5 – Performances from the Finale and Final Thoughts

You can find the subbed version of the entire finale episode at the bottom, courtesy of Nahae Kim, Kang Yerim and the rest of the team over at Khiphop Subs! This will be less of a formal recap (as by now many of you have seen the finale and know who the winner is) but I have included a song list from this season, all of the performances from the finale and my final thoughts on this season.

Superbee kicked off the final performances with Dok2 and The Quiett:

I had my doubts about Superbee earlier in the season but I have to admit he impressed me with his semi-final and final performances. I think he might have been a little nervous for this performance (his breathing sounded a little off). I have to say I liked Dok2’s verse the best on this particular song.

Next CJamm delivered his final performance for Round 1:

CJamm’s performances have been a highlight of this season for me. I really enjoyed the dancers for this stage – the actually added to the performance rather than distracted – but I kept asking myself why the heck Kush was there. I have listened to the recorded version of this song many times the last two weeks. I think CJamm got as far as he did because the audience and the producers loved his signature effortless swag and cocky attitude.

To end round 1, BewhY performed with Simon D:

Well, well, well, where do I begin?? I don’t like to throw this word around because it is grossly overused however it’s the only one that appropriately describes this performance: LIT. I love that BewhY produced this himself. I love the strange lyrics and Simon D’s verse was perfect. I cannot wait to experience this performed live in September.

Before the Round 1 results are revealed, the contestants from Unpretty Rapstar 3 gave a debut performance. I will be writing recaps for Unpretty Rapstar 3 so keep an eye out for those. Giant Pink, who appeared on SMTM5 this season, will be a contestant.

Here are the results from Round 1:

Text Results: BewhY – 5,700,000 won, CJamm – 2,400,000 won and Superbee – 1,900,000 won.

Audience Results: BewhY – 10,975,000 won, CJamm – 4,850,000 won and Superbee – 3,375,000 won.

With that, Team Illionaire is eliminated and Superbee is headed home. Now high school friends BewhY and CJamm are left to face each other in Round 2.

CJamm kicks it off with a performance featuring Crush:

I would like to personally thank the Mnet cameraman who made the choice to zoom in on Zion.T’s face while Crush was singing. I think this was a good performance that allowed CJamm to show the audience something a little different.

Now it’s BewhY‘s turn to finish Round 2 with another self-produced song:

This performance gave me chills. BewhY gave an honest, powerful and utterly captivating performance. The choir and hooded performers gave BewhY’s stage the perfect theatrical touch.

Before the results are shown, there is a special stage from Flowsik, Hash Swan, Boi B, Woo Tae Woon and G2:

After much suspense, BewhY is announced the winner of Show Me The Money Season 5. He and CJamm share a heartwarming hug.

I only have last season to compare this season to, but I can say that this year’s final episode was much better than last year’s. I enjoyed all of the performances but I thought BewhY truly saved his best performances for last.

I’m so glad that Zion. T and Kush were producers this season because they brought a new flavor to the show with the songs they produced. I’m not sure the LA auditions were worth it with the exception of bringing Flowsik to Korea. Gil and Mad Clown together as a pair was comedic gold and I’m so happy Gil will be producing for Unpretty Rapstar.

In general I would have to say that this season was a much friendlier season than the last. Sure we started off with our typical idol-hating and things got tense during the cypher battle round but otherwise the contestants seemed to enjoy each other and to be genuinely sad to see each other go.

Mnet, please please please hire a stylist to keep the contestants hair in check. Maybe this isn’t their responsibility but I don’t think I can stand too look at anymore sorry braid extensions.

I think this was a particularly hard season to be a contestant for the newer or lesser known rappers. The rappers I’m most looking forward to hearing more from are Junoflo, Hash Swan, Giant Pink, and Kim Hyo-eun. BewhY has certainly set the bar high for future contestants. Right now I can’t imagine another finalist as dynamic and captivating as he was.

I am curious to see whether Dok2 and The Quiett participate again. Maybe it’s simply because they were busy preparing for their U.S. tour but they seemed somewhat detached and indifferent towards the end. I do hope that Gray returns next season with his production skills. Giriboy’s tracks from this season have me hoping he’ll be on SMTM6 as a producer.

What did you think of this season of Show Me The Money? Let me know in the comments. Here is the complete song list from this season:

니가 알던 내가 아냐 – Simon D, One, G2, BewhY
Composed by GRAY and Simon D, Arranged by GRAY

공중도덕 (Air DoTheQ) – The Quiett, Superbee, myunDo, Flowsik, Dok2
Composed by Prima Vista, The Quiett, Dok2, Helixx

신사 ($insa) – Zion.T, CJamm, Reddy, Xitsuh (Seo Chulgoo)
Composed and Arranged by Kush, Zion.T, Seo Won Jin, DRESS

무궁화 – Mad Clown, Donutman, Boi B, Gun
Composed and Arranged by Ye-Yo!, Mad Clown

비행소년 (Going Home) – Mad Clown, Sharp Gun
Composed and Arranged by Magic Mansion (Gil’s label)

맘 편히 (Comfortable) – Simon D, GRAY, One
Composed by GRAY, Simon D, Arranged by GRAY

현상구배 (Wanted) – CJamm, Reddy
Composed and Arranged by Kush, DRESS, DJ Dopsh

Beverly 1lls – Superbee, myunDo
Composed and Arranged by Dok2, Helixx

RAPSTAR (remix) – Flowsik, The Quiett, Dok2
Composed and Arranged by Dok2

드러머 (Drummer) feat. Olltii – Zion.T, Seo Chulgoo
Composed and Arranged by Zion.T, DRESS, Juhn Yong-Joon, Seo Won Jin, DJ Dopsh

Forever – BewhY
Composed and Arranged by GRAY

호랑나비 (feat. Gill, Rhythm Power) – Boi B
Lyrics by Magic Mansion
Composed and Arranged by Magic Mansion

미친놈 (feat. Jessi) – Sharp Gun
Lyrics by Sharp Gun, Mad Clown, Magic Mansion
Composed and Arranged by Magic Mansion

아름다워 (Beautiful) (feat. Zico) – CJamm
Composed and Arranged by Kush, Seo Won Jin, DRESS, DJ Dopsh

끝 (AND) (feat. Suran) – Seo Chulgoo
Composed by Zion.T, Seo Won Jin, DRESS

썬 블락 (Sun Block) (feat. Microdot) – Superbee
Composed and Arranged by Giriboy, Superbee

Day Day (feat. Jay Park) – BewhY
Composed and Arranged by GRAY, Simon D

Like This (feat. Bobby) – Reddy
Composed and Arranged by Kush, DRESS, Seo Won Jin, DJ Dopsh

Air DoTheQ pt 2 – The Quiett, Dok2, Superbee
Composed by Prima Vista, Arranged by The Quiett

MM – CJamm, Kush
Lyrics by CJamm, Vasco
Composed and Arranged by Giriboy

쌈박자 (XamBaqJa) – BewhY, Simon D
Lyrics by BewhY, Simon D
Composed and Arranged by BewhY

재방송 (Let it be) – CJamm, Zion.T
Composed by Kush, Zion.T
Arranged by Joe Rhee

자화상 pt. 2 (Fake) – BewhY
Composed and Arranged by BewhY and GRAY

도깨비 – Flowsik, Hash Swan, Boi B, Woo Tae Woon, G2
Composed and Arranged by Magic Mansion (Gil’s Label)

쿵 (Knock) – Zion.T
Composed and Arranged by Zion.T, Seo Won Jin

Machine Gun (feat. Mino) – Kush, Zion.T
Composed and Arranged by Kush, Zion.T, DRESS

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One thought on “Show Me The Money 5 – Performances from the Finale and Final Thoughts

  1. m m m says:

    Last comment of the season! 🙂 I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog though. Really like the article about Trap. It was timely, since yesterday I was in the car with my sister and a song came on and I told her what I had heard about trap from some K variety show, and she told me about trap houses. So now I’m learning!

    – Superbee’s hairstyle must have been inspired by Spudgy from Eat Your Kimchi.
    – Agree with you about Kush on CJamm’s stage. He just could not pull of that jacket next to CJamm too. CJamm looked good, and Kush looked like he was about to go skiing.
    – Looking forward to your recap when you get to the live show. Hope it is amazing and you have a blast.
    – Like your previous post about the SMTM5 internet party, half the fun of this season has been the spin-offs outside of the show, with all the collaborations and singles released and FRIENDSHIPS blossoming or reconnecting (ZionT’s face closeup!!).
    – BeWhy’s Fake is hitting at a time when I am really challenging my creative abilities and working on self care. Feelings… but so good.
    – I loved the special stage with so many of my faves working together! Gil is amazing, makes me want to keep an eye on Magic Mansion. This was such a good show for him to come back with.
    – Your final summary is so accurate. I wasn’t expecting much from the final episode because last year’s seemed a bit of a mess, but it turned out really good (despite painful dragging out waiting on results). Next season will have a lot to live up to.


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