SMTM5 Contestants #Gun, Flowsik and Seungyoun release ‘Beep’ and ‘Recipe’

#Gun (aka Sharp Gun), currently signed with Starship Entertainment, released his first solo song ‘Beep’ yesterday. Here’s more info from 1theK:

“#Gun’s official debut single ‘BEEP’ is produced by Giriboy, who is the beat-maker of Just Music. The rapper Crucial Star joined to feature this hip-hop song. This song is very persuasive since the lyric is very witty, and has a sensitive sight. Also it talks about #GUN’s story and popular appeal in a frank way. It is his strong point no matter if it is imaginary or real experience, he created sympathy by talking about his own growth. In the dreamlike hip-hop electric beat sound, he drew his area of his own. He calmly yet uniquely tells his thoughts and at the same time gives us joy with a witty topic and sound.”

Check out ‘Beep’ below!

I knew this song had great potential as soon as I saw Giriboy’s name. I think Sharp Gun has a lot of growing to do as a rapper but this is a strong start. Crucial Star’s verse was fire (I’m not saying that because he’s my favorite rapper or anything…) and I think the track is well composed, although the ending was a little abrupt.

Today Flowsik and Seungyoun (aka Luizy) released their song ‘Recipe’. On this past season of Show Me The Money, Seungyoun and Flowsik faced each other in the 1v1 battle round, producing a harmonious performance that impressed the judges. Check out their collaboration below!

Ayyyyy. Flowsik and Seungyoun have done it again.

We have more to look forward to from Flowsik soon! He posted a photo of himself, Jessi and G2 in the studio on Instagram recently. I’m excited to see what they’re cooking up (no pun intended).




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