Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 7 Recap

Thanks to Nahae Kim, Kang Yerim and the rest of the team over at Khiphop Subs for all their hard work in subbing Episode 7! You can find links to the episode at the end of this recap.

This week, we start with the remaining contestants facing off in the much anticipated team diss battle.


Team AOMG is chosen to pick their opponents first. Team GMC has been pegged as the underdogs and are seen as an easy target but Team AOMG decides to challenge Team YG.


Team Illionaire will automatically battle Team GMC.

I loves Kush’s pep talk, “Let’s be a little cruel. Just embarrass them. They’re probably gonna do that to you guys too. So don’t get stabbed in the back. The prize is 1 billion won.”


Bewhy calls out no one but CJamm, stating that all of Korea wants this. Chulgu chooses One, leaving Hilite buddies Reddy and G2 to face each other.

Boi B chooses Myundo as an opponent, Superbee chooses Sharp Gun (who’s already had enough of him), which leaves Flowsik to face Donutman. Flowsik says he’ll make sure his lyrics are in Korean so that Donutman’s feelings will be hurt lol

Gil is so funny. He had this to say about the Flowsik/Donutman pairing:


This is going to be good.

The teams meet to talk about what information they can use against their opponents in their lyrics. They also send each other video messages to give their opponents a taste of what to expect. Team GMC is working super hard on their lyrics, barely sleeping and even keeping Mad Clown at the studio.

Sharp Gun reveals he received a call from Superbee asking him to leave out the fact that he got rap lessons from Swings in his lyrics. Gil asks him what he plans to do and he says he’ll mention everything.

Round 1: Flowsik vs Donutman

Dangggggggg Flowsik uses the beat to Panda and kills it. Despite what others had to say about his Korean language skills, he rose to the occasion. Donutman uses the beat to Otis by Jay Z and Kanye. It was weak, I have to admit. He failed to make any specific insults and mostly talked about how old Flowsik is.

Round 2: Myundo vs Boi B

Myundo uses the ‘Live From the Gutter’ beat. There was so much he could have done with it but I was underwhelmed and it doesn’t seem like anyone else was very impressed. Boi B uses the beat from Like My Style by 50 Cent and had everyone on their feet with one of his first lines. He killed it, no question.

Round 3: Superbee vs Sharp Gun

Superbee calls up a police car instead of ambulances this year but I think his choice to go acapella might have hurt him. Everyone was looking forward to his diss the most but it wasn’t that great. Sharp Gun… ah…he starts so strong but forgets his lyrics. For a moment I thought he would continue acapella but instead he stays quiet. Things get real awkward and I have a feeling Gil is going to destroy him later…


I’m pretty sure Team Illionaire has this in the bag but this wasn’t the win I was expecting from them. What will the audience vote be?

The vote is 52 to 48. The winner? Team Illionaire. Everyone is saying that if it weren’t for #Gun they might have won. Mad Clown says he can understand how Sharp Gun feels because he often forgot his lyrics on season 2 but he still won…not helpful Mad Clown, not helpful


Now it’s time for Team AOMG vs Team YG! Seo Chulgu is very excited for this because he’ll finally be able to show the skills that he has gained on the streets. G2 seems a bit too relaxed. He plans to mention Reddy’s audition for BTS (wait a minute… for real??) but Simon D warns him not to forget his lyrics. One shares his beat, the beat that Seo Chulgu rapped to before being eliminated during last season’s infamous Snoop Dogg cypher.
His lyrics are strong but Simon D tells him he needs to be more conceited.


Right, One, right…

Meanwhile we see that the members of Team YG have all gathered to help one another with their lyrics. It’s actually really cute:


Later, Kush asks Chulgu to try dissing him:


The day of the battle we see that Baby Jaewon got no sleep but is well prepared while Bewhy is wearing a shirt specially made just for CJamm.

Round 1: Chulgu vs One

Chulgu raps to Back to Back. The lyrics are witty and his delivery is on point but One doesn’t look shaken at all. One uses the beat from B**** Please by Snoop. He has a great start but forgets his lyrics…ahhhh nooooo for a moment I thought he stood a chance.

Round 2: Reddy vs G2

Reddy uses the beat from ‘0 to 100’. Holy crap…he went in. I didn’t know he had it in him…The Quiett’s face captured my thoughts and emotions perfectly:


G2 uses a beat created by Gray. G2 messes up and even though he recovers, it’s disappointing

Round 3: CJamm vs Bewhy

Cjamm uses his own ‘Illusion’ beat and in the words of Zion T, “Cjamm is just Cjamm”. There’s nothing more to say really. Bewhy also uses a special Gray produced beat. Man, he wasn’t messing around…he did really well.

Who will the winner be?? It is clear almost as soon as the towels are thrown that Team YG has won. Seo Chulgu gets all emotional over his redemption. The votes are 14 to 86.

Based on the battle results, the remaining contestants will now prepare for their official stage performances. The winning teams will face each other and the losing teams will face each other. The winning team will have the opportunity to have all three members of their team perform during the next round’s official stage but the losing teams will have to continue with the mic selection process and eliminate the member who does not get chosen:


I am looking forward to these stages. It is very possible that a whole team could be eliminated soon. The audience is in control.


Team AOMG and Team GMC are performing first. We see that Simon D and Gray met with One and G2 one-on-one and asked them how they were doing. One says he’s lost enthusiasm and G2 has the producers worried he’ll forget his lyrics. The producers tell them that they have decided Bewhy will do the solo stage while One and G2 will do the stage with the producers.

G2 says that the show has put more pressure on him than he expected.


He is having trouble memorizing his lyrics while One says he just wants to rap comfortably this time.

During rehearsal, Simon D tells One to stay calm and warns him not to get too excited. G2 messes up his lyrics during rehearsal twice. Simon D says he can see their team continuing comfortably with G2 but One has been improving every day which makes him determined to help him. They seem torn up until the final moment. Who will they choose??


Everything about this stage…the song, One’s rapping, the producers,  the visuals…whew.
Simon D blowing kisses at women, that’s not even fair…


Team GMC is next. We see that Gil and Mad Clown had a hard time deciding who should do the solo stage and compete with Bewhy. They asked the members of their team to volunteer. Boi B steps up to the plate, leaving Donutman and #Gun to compete with each other.

The entire team could go home if they receive less votes than Team AOMG. Mad clown pays Sharp Gun a home visit while Gil goes to see Donutman

Donutman is criticized during rehearsal for not showing any emotion. Gil isn’t happy with Sharp Gun’s delivery either. Donutman seems to know that his lyrics aren’t as strong as Gun’s. Both rapper’s parents have shown up. I can tell Dontuman wanted it more after seeing his folks but it may be too late. Who is chosen??


SO MANY FEELS. This performance tugged at everyone’s heart. Team AOMG looked a little nervous off stage as Team GMC finished.


#Gun was definitely the right choice but was it enough to beat Team AOMG?

I honestly had no idea how this was going to go down. What is the result of the audience vote??


Team GMC is ahead by 225,000 won after the first round of votes is counted but Gil says he has a feeling One will make a comeback? Will he be right?


Team GMC wins with the second round of votes added in and  Mad Clown and Gil seem to be in shock. I feel good about One’s exit. I’m excited to hear more from him in the future.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see Bewhy’s stage and find out about the fate of Team YG and Team Illionaire.

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4 thoughts on “Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 7 Recap

  1. JJC says:

    The picture you used of The Quiett is actually pretty funny. I don’t know if you know this but in that moment he wasn’t really in shock, he was sneezing. He made a joke about the SMTM editors on instragram.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. m m m says:

    I really feel like this episode had everything I have come to expect from SMTM5. Drama, redemption, showmanship, great one-liners, snarky comments, tears, joy, weird outfits and hair. Special MVP is Kush. He is too much and everything we need at the same time.

    Gil and Mad Clown awkwardness is always fun to watch. Gil has this weird mix of being super confident and super insecure at the same time.

    It was awesome seeing SuperBee and Chulgu helping out their teams and justifying why they got kept in the last round. When my friend and I first started watching SMTM this year we had a hard time telling everyone apart. So many new faces, everyone changes their outfit and hair almost every episode (sometimes twice an episode), and people who had previously got no airtime suddenly appeared or prominent people suddenly disappeared. It did not help that Chulgu gets referred to by his stage name too. Anyway, my friend told me that the trick she uses to remember Chulgu is that he has a regretful/regrettable face.
    Me: What!? hahahaha that is so harsh!
    Her: No, I mean his face is always looks so full of regret. He always looks like he regrets something.
    And then I could not unsee it.

    But it meant this episode was super awesome for him.
    Second part @ 2:29: OMG! Regretfulface is actually smiling and happy!!
    Second part @ 2:46:….aaaand, yep, his regrettable face is back.

    It was a shame that so many people made mistakes during the battles, but it was a lot of fun.

    Happy for One that he got to perform and it was a great song. Sad for G2 going! That guy really needs a break though. Had he even fully recovered from his surgery?! Actually One seemed like he needed a break too. Anxiety is awful.

    Felt so sorry for Donutman that he didn’t get to perform in front of his parents, but so happy for #Gun. It was an awesome performance (again live versions are better than recorded ones), and I don’t know how the upcoming performance selections will go, so if this was his last and only one on SMTM it was amaaazing.

    The performances this season are looking so good, so I was really looking forward to the next episode. Could Boi B beat BeWhy?! I don’t want any team to get eliminated yet!

    Then I realised that Flowsik (and his team) will be going up against Team YG producers and…

    Zion T can make anyone look good!….I’m worried.

    As an aside, there was a KCultureNZ festival in New Zealand yesterday, and while we were waiting for it to start they played SMTM5 songs. It was cool to spot the other SMTM fans in the audience and impressive how up to date the festival organisers were.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shaina Moreh says:

    That festival sounds like so much fun! Haha that gif of Simon D is amazing and that’s the perfect way of describing Seo Chulgu’s face. Like I know he wants to be there but he never looks like he’s having any fun haha. And Zion.T seriously has a magic touch.


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