Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 6 Recap

You can find links to this episode at the end of the recap. As always, many thanks to Nahae Kim, Kang Yerim and the rest of the team over at Khiphop Subs!

We jump in right where we left off with Bewhy about to make his choice for the producer team he’d like to join. Zion. T, Gray and Simon D have stood to meet him. Simon D was so thirsty for Bewhy he had his ear pressed against the door haha


Bewhy matches with AOMG and Simon D and Gray are ecstatic. Team AOMG now complete, Simon D’s mood greatly improves.

Team G MC has two spots left and Team YG and Team AOMG both have one opening left.

The nine rappers who were rejected the first time around get ready to make their second match. This means that 6 rappers will be going home.

Miss LA, Seo Chulgu and Hash Swan have all chosen YG.


One chooses AOMG along with Lee Baek Min (?) and 4 rappers choose Team G MC.


One is chosen for AOMG and and Team G MC chooses Donutman and Sanchez. Zion T and Kush are left to choose last. Goodbye Ms. LA…but who will be chosen between Hash Swan and Seo Chulgu??

Seo Chulgu is chosen in the end. Poor Hash Swan. Miss LA didn’t really have a chance but poor Hash Swan…


Now we finally have our teams. The MC asks how the producers feel about who they ended up with and Mad Clown makes this comment:


HAHAHA I love him. Gil is not in agreement, calling their team the underdogs

Here are our teams for Season 5:

Team GMC

Team GMC



Team Illionaire


Team YG


So it begins…

From here on it is up to the producers to determine who stays and who goes home.

LOL Gil is the new Tablo and I love it:


Ten days have passed and now we have the first team battle – the song mission. The contestants must work well with their teammates but also show their individual skill. Each team will eliminate one member this time around


I am very excited for the songs that will come out of this season. Turtle Ship is still one of my favorites from last year’s Team ZiPal.

Team AOMG will go first and we get to see how their team bonding and song prep went.

One is all insecure and intimidated because he was chosen last and got eliminated during this round last year. I can’t handle sad puppy-face One much longer.

They ride ATVs for fun but One is still sad. For whatever reason (DRAMA) the producers pull Simon D and Gray aside and tell them that the other teams have picked someone they think is most likely to be eliminated from Team AOMG. Simon D asks them what they think and Day Day says its most likely him or One and G2 and Bewhy agree it might be One and Simon D confirms it.

They get to a restaurant and all of a sudden the producers and Simon D and Gray have some kind of dialogue. Apparently, they received a member exchange card and can switch out a current member of their team with someone who was eliminated. They tell the team and everyone is shocked and confused. Simon D and Gray seemed pissed, saying they didn’t agree to go along with this.


A blurred individual slowly ascends the stairs…who is it??

It’s Loco. Simon D and Gray successfully pulled the RUDEST prank ever. Day Day is so upset he actually starts crying AWWWW

The producers introduce them to the song for the mission. The song has the message “I’m not who you thought I was” and Simon D encourages them to talk about overcoming difficulty in their lyrics


Bewhy and G2 are relaxed but One and Day Day are reasonably nervous after being eliminated after this mission last year. We get to see during practice that One and Day Day received some constructive criticism from the producers. How will it go?

Everyone is impressed with One and Kush’s face is priceless during his YG line:



G2 forgets his lyrics, to everyone’s surprise. I seriously need a gif of Sanchez reacting to Bewhys verse. Bewhy is seriously on another level.

Day Day was doing well but he makes a mistake as too. Someone in the waiting room says they’re sure One and Bewhy are safe and I have to agree. Gray and Simon D are frustrated by how relaxed G2 is but also by how nervous Day Day was. What will their decision be?

Although G2 forgot more of his lyrics I think the producers have higher expectations for G2. Day Day is sent home…again. I feel so bad that he couldn’t stick around this time…you can tell it hurt Simon D to say his name.

Next up is Team Illionaire. The car ride is a bit awkward. Hyoeun is quiet and the other members try to get him to talk. They’re being driven to an unknown location but soon we see that The Quiett and Dok2 are awaiting their arrival.


They finally arrive at Doduk mountain in The Quiett’s hometown and they’re told the winner who reaches the top first will receive a prize. Kim Hyoeun runs without resting and wins.


The prize is a ride in Dok2’s fancy car and the other contestants wonder if Kim Hyoeun will at least maybe talk to the producers. They describe the beat of the track starting off as boom-bap and then turning into trap and Kim Hyoeun says he’s all about boom bap but wants to try trap once.

The contestants listen to the beat the producers have prepared and the producers share what they were thinking for everyone’s parts – Kim Hyoeun first, then Superbee, then Myundo followed by Flowsik.

Everyone is happy with their parts except for Superbee who asks to switch but the producers think their plan is best. The producers let the group know that the member voted most likely to be eliminated is Kim Hyoeun.

The members record their parts and receive feedback.


The Quiett praises everyone but Superbee is having a hard time adjusting to the unfamiliar beat style. Superbee is awkward during rehearsal for some reason. Dok2 says they plan to eliminate whoever performs the worst.

Kim Hyoeun and Flowsik were my favorite. Flowsik’s voice is almost too much for Mad Clown:


I understand Myundo’s appeal but I’m gonna get tired of him and I preferred Kim Hyoeun’s tone to Superbee’s for this beat. Everyone did well and no one made any mistakes so the producers have a tough decision on their hands.

[Side note: What happened to Zion. T’s hand and why is he dressed like Carmen Sandiego??]

Kim Hyoeun is eliminated and the other producers express their regret. Dok2 and The Queitt said they made their decision based on who they think would do well in future missions. Ugh seriously, anyone who has been on the show and made it past this mission before has an unfair advantage. Any other season I think Kim Hyoeun could have done well. The producers express a desire to work with him in the future.


Me neither, Zion. T

In true YG fashion, the boys go on a trip to Jeju Island and ride horses.


They have an opportunity to show the producers some of their rapping and Killahgramz goes first. When asked if he thinks he could beat him, this was Seo Chulgu’s response:



Reddy is left to go last. He looks stressed about it and of course freestyle is not his strong point but he doesn’t think Chulgu is all that either:


Later, the producers reveal the beat and everyone seems excited except Chulgu. The producers reveal that CJamm will have the first part but they’re not sure about the remaining order. Who did the other teams vote would be eliminated? Seo Chulgu. He feels neglected by the producers and starts to lose confidence.

Zion.T pulls him aside for a pep talk and this has got to be one of the most heartwarming moments of the season.


During rehearsal, Killahgramz struggles a bit and Seo Chulgu starts to feel better. We get to see rehearsal clips and Seo Chulgu is a bit awkward so Zion. T ends up coaching him individually. Meanwhile Kush is concerned about Killahgramz:


I’m a fan of this gentleman concept, everyone looks classy.

Reddy was in his element and Cjamm’s performance was on point per usual. Seo Chulgu had me worried (he seriously needs to work on his stage performance) but his verse was really good and I thought it was better than Killahgramz’s performance for sure.


Kush and Zion. T are in a really hard place.


It’s a difficult decision but they decide to send Killahgramz home. They were concerned that he lacked the skill needed for future live performances. His teammates are really sad to see him go and you can tell this took a lot out of the producers


Last but not least is Team G MC. I love weekend-dressed-down-casual Gil, I almost don’t recognize him everytime lol

Sanchez and #Gun were voted most likely to be eliminated. As they listen to the beat, everyone seems satisfied with it. But when the members share their lyrics, Papa Gil isn’t happy with any of them. Days later, Mad Clown and Gil present them all with headphones to congratulate them on their hard work on improving their lyrics. But was it too soon?

Mad Clown and Gil are still disappointed with the lack of emotion in their lyrics. There are only 2 days left until the song mission and time is running out.

Sanchez decides to speak up, suggesting that they save the song for a later mission when they can be more prepared. Gil and Mad Clown share more beats with the group but we only get to see Sanchez making comments and giving feedback. I had seen/heard that Sanchez was really disappointed with the way this part was edited because it made him seem disrespectful and difficult.

Poor Sharp Gun had to write new lyrics and memorize them in the two days before the mission. Sanchez says that whoever messes up their lyrics will be eliminated

I’m so proud of Donutman :’) Boi B and #Gun did well and Sanchez wasn’t bad but he’s just out of his league. Gil said he thinks they’re team is the weakest because they lack a definite style.

Gil and Madclown say their minds are made up already but first they want to ask a question – they ask Sanchez if he messed up his lyrics and he says no (who even knows with Mnet’s editing honestly). Others in the waiting room seemed to hear him trip over his lyrics.

Sure enough, Sanchez is eliminated. Welp, Mr. Positivity is gone.

At the end we get to see a preview of the next episode where it looks like once again Superbee is aiming to kill in the diss battle.

Soon I’ll get over the sadness of Kim Hyo-eun being gone. I thought he was really talented. Hopefully he has an album or mixtape out there somewhere.

What did you think of the first song mission? Which team’s song was your favorite? Check out the recorded versions below and like the SeoulRebels page on Facebook to stay updated with the latest recaps and reviews!

9 thoughts on “Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 6 Recap

      1. m m m says:

        Here are the other gifs, shame they can’t embed in the comments. In these ones he’s more hyper.

        I’m gonna miss that ball of greasy positivity and he was representing NZ too!

        I watched this without the subs first and thought it was the episode of the 3 heartbreaks. (Hash Swan, Killagramz, Sanchez). But with subs, Kim Hyo-eun was so likeable that it became 4 heartbreaks! (Felt sorry for DayDay, but didn’t get attached). It seemed like the judges were letting go of those with the least experience, and being really strategic about the upcoming diss battle and future performances. So it kinda made sense.

        I think all the team performances were awesome! So cool how each team had their own style and stage presence. Can we pitch a show to MNET where Zion T goes around giving people makeovers? Maybe in exchange for them helping him move furniture so he doesn’t hurt himself.

        Before the subs I really liked the Team G MC one and have probably re-watched/listened to that the most because it’s the most upbeat “easy-to-dance-to-while-I-do-my-chores-one”. But when the lyrics are translated, I could see why people said they were the weakest.

        In my opinion, all the live versions were better than the recorded/official versions, but that happens. Less of the urgency/excitement, and Killagramz and Kim Hyo-eun have really distinct voices so it definitely sounds different without them. And DayDay’s “bzzt bzzt!” hahaha (Was it him making that noise during Bewhy’s part? I think so).

        The music videos were so much better this year! Once again my bias towards the underdogs showing (I’m glad Gil explained the concept to Mad Clown), cause I think #gun made theirs the most fun with the sandal-phone and twerking. But so many fun moments in the other videos too – serenading pizza, spot the MJ, mic height adjustments, Flowsik.

        Anyway, since I seem to be the only one commenting for now I thought I would make a long one. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Shaina Moreh says:

        I love your long comments haha
        LOL he hurt himself moving furniture?? Haha that would be a great spin-off show because some of these rappers seriously need help with their style. Thanks for the gifs. They’re so applicable to everything, I”m saving them for sure haha


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