Show Me the Money 5 – Episode 5 Recap

There are spoilers all over the internet already and subs are coming out a bit later this week, so I decided to go ahead and recap this episode without the subs. Check back later for links to this episode subbed courtesy of Nahae Kim, Kang Yerim and the rest of the team over at Khiphop Subs!

UPDATE: This recap has been edited since I’ve watched the episode with subtitles. New thoughts/comments are in purple. You can now find the subbed episodes at the bottom!

  • The judges are asked whose elimination they are most disappointed with – Dok2 says Junoflo (because he had just gotten to Korea) and Zion.T says Woo Taewoon. 
  • Some of the contestants wonder if there will be a revival round but the producers make sure to make it clear that there will be no such thing 

We return to the 1v1 battles with Shin Hye Ji facing Miss LA

  • the two definitely struggled with the language barrier while they worked together on the hook
  • this is the best Miss LA has sounded and like the producers, I like her confidence, but Shin Hye Ji was very steady. I have no idea what it would be like if Miss LA continues in the competition (because of her glaring lack of Korean skills) but what will the producers’ decision be?
  • She passes! Thank God for Dok2 translating

Next up: Donutman vs 브레이

  • am I the only one in love with Donutman’s awkward laugh?
  • I think both rappers did well but the producers liked Donutman a lot and he passes
  •  What I love about Donutman is that he’s solid. He’s confident and yet not cocky, with a subtle swag that is “try-hard” free
  • According to Dok2, One may have some competition: 


Next up: Kim Hyo-eun vs Kim Tae-jung

  • These producers love deep voices and Kim Hyo-eun has one but we haven’t heard much from Kim Tae-jung
  • The atmosphere is awk as Kim Tae-jung doesn’t so much perform as much as he raps AT Kim Hyo-eun. Gil has this to say about Kim Tae-Jung’s performance: 


  • as expected, Kim Hyo-eun passes

Next up: Bewhy vs ???

  • J-Dub!
  • This whole time Mnet tried to fool us into thinking CJamm and Bewhy would be battling each other but nope
  • The producers are all smiles as Bewhy spits fire – his rhythm and flow were unreal
  • Mad Clown was really impressed with Bewhy’s lyrics:


  • I’m proud of J-Dub, its not easy to go against someone like Bewhy but he did well
  • before we can see the results, they cut to…

Cjamm vs Baek Min Hyuk

  • this felt more like a performance than a battle. Cjamm raps like he could spit these verses in his sleep
  • Of course, Bewhy and Cjamm pass

With that, we reach the end of the 1v1 battles and its time for the rappers to select their producer teams. I keep thinking about Miss LA…seriously, who is going to translate for homegirl??

Many of the contestants already have ideas about who’s team they want to be a part of but they will all get a chance to see the producers perform.

Team AOMG and Team Illionaire prepare their stages and I have an idea of what to expect from them but what will Gil and Mad Clown’s stage be like? It’ll either be awkward (complete with Mad Clown forgetting his lyrics) or really awesome.

Apparently Mad Clown got married recently! Gil is SAVAGE:


During Gil’s rehearsal we see he has invited rapper Heize to perform with him. And who have Kush and Zion.T invited to join them on stage? We’ll get to see soon

(By the way, David Kim aka DayDay is finally getting screen time and we see that he passed the last round)

Below are the performances in the order they appeared:

What would an Illionaire performance be without YGGR?
Kush jokingly gives Dok2 an “All Pass” after their performance LOL

LOL all of the producers’ reactions to the start of Simon Dominic was priceless. Simon D killed the intro (as if my obsession with him wasn’t bad enough)

Simon D noticed a certain contestant thoroughly enjoying the AOMG stage:


OKAY ZION T, I SEE YOU. Kush and Zion T perform a song called Machine Gun and Mino is
revealed as the guest performer. Where can I downlaod this track though???
Lol I feel like Sharp Gun said something about how he felt like they were speaking directly to him: “It was song written for me.”

Kush commented that it has been around 10 years since he’s performed on stage (then tries to change it to 8 haha):


Gil where’d you get that outfit??
Mnet is wrong for panning to Superbee looking hella bored during one of the Leessang songs haha

Mad Clown mentions earlier that he was a big fan of Leessang and after the performance is over he expresses how touched and honored he is to have been on stage with Gil.

After the special stages are over, there’s some sort of ranking for the producer teams and their performances (based on the contestant votes I believe?) This part is difficult to understand without subs so I really suggest watching it. Here are the number of bids each producer team ends up being awarded:
Zion T and Kush (10), Dok2 and The Quiett (6), Simon D and Gray (4) and Gil and Mad Clown (8)

Simon D did not take coming in last place well haha. Some of the contestants were disappointed that he and Gray did not perform together instead of just doing their own thing separately.

CJamm is the first to choose  and both Kush and Gil stand – who will match with CJamm?CJamm is the first to join Team YG

Now Gil and Madclown have 7 more bids  and Team YG is down to 9 while Team AOMG and Team Illionaire are forced to be more selective.

Flowsik is next. Dok2 and The Quiett both rise and sure enough Flowsik is there to meet them, making Flowsik the first to join Team Illionaire.

Seo Chulgu is next – he stands in front of Team YG’s door but no one is standing…ouch…

Sanchez is next – he stands in front of Team Illinoaire’s door but no one is standing. Sad times…

Miss LA and Jo Hye-chul go for Team Illionaire with no luck. Donutman is next and he looks conflicted. He ends up in front of Team Illionaire’s door but they don’t budge

Hash Swan is next – Simon D stands and is confident they’ll have a match? Is he correct??
Nooooo Hash Swan chooses Team YG and Simon D sits down with shame – they’re now down to 3 bids

Boi B is next – he matches with Gil and Mad Clown. I’m still accepting suggestions for what to call this team…

Next up is G2 – will Team AOMG take the risk? Zion T stands and so does Gray – who will it be? Simon D looks stressed haha. G2 is the first to join Team AOMG lifting Simon D’s spirits.

Superbee and Kim Hyo-eun are the next two rappers to make a selection. Kim Hyo-eun matches with Team Illionaire and so does Superbee.

Next up is One aka Baby Jaewon. He stands in front of Team AOMG (who ironically have a 1 on their screen) but Simon D and Gray are holding out. Kush stood too but was rejected (we all know One is itching to get away from YG)

We’re shown the matched rappers sitting together on their respective teams and see that Daniel Kim has joined G2 on Team AOMG and Sharp Gun is with Boi B on Team Gil x Madclown

Reddy is next. Zion T stands and Reddy is there to meet him, joining CJamm on Team YG.

Next? Killahgramz. Kush stands and there’s a match! Killahgramz joins Team YG. 

Myundo is next – if Dok2 doesn’t stand something is wrong here. The doors open and The Quiett and Dok2 meet him with a dab. When will this die?? With that, Team Illionaire is complete.

Bewhy is next – this will be interesting…oh nooo he steps in front of Team Illionaire’s doors. Zion T and Gray stand but to no avail.

What will happen with the rest of the team selections? We’ll have to wait til episode 6 to find out. I like how this season is shaping up but rappers are going to start dropping like flies. I refuse to get emotionally invested until the semi-finals. That’s the only way I can handle this show.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how this season is going so comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Show Me the Money 5 – Episode 5 Recap

  1. m m m says:

    Loving this season! Too bad for people doing junk free June, because the drama Mnet is serving is high in calories. So much talent that each episode is heartbreaking when someone has to leave. It is so painful waiting for subs, that it’s no surprise you couldn’t wait! (Although it would be awesome if you did a mini post-sub recap/edit/summary to see if that changes any of your opinions).

    The performances are so good! So it’s worth fans going to Mnet’s youtube channel to watch the uncut versions. (Without the gigantic pauses when someone makes a mistake… which you would not have noticed if not for the pauses and 5 reaction shots). But then there is major spoilers if you are waiting for subs since they will show the latest performances… proceed with caution.

    I am finding the Mnet editing hilarious. My fave is when they do reaction shots of Mad Clown (Team G MC?) during a performance of just his face with no reaction, and then after a performance when he is blown away. Why do they keep showing his no-reaction face? Here’s a dramatic moment, better have Mad Clown not reacting….

    Conversely best reaction facials this season have to be Zion T and Kush – the editors mush be loving it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shaina Moreh says:

      Team G MC! I love it! Thanks for the suggestion and yes I’m planning to watch ep 5 with subs so I’ll update my recap afterwards. Haha I have a love/hate relationship with Mnet’s editing but you’re so right about the Mad Clown reaction thing. He’s too funny.


      1. m m m says:

        Yay, will look forward to your recap. I just realised that you embed the links to the full versions of the performances, so people can just watch that without going to the Mnet youtube page too. 🙂


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