Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 4 Recap

As always, many thanks to Nahae Kim, Kang Yerim and the rest of the team over at Khiphop Subs for all their hard work in subbing Episode 4!

At the beginning of this episode we are left with the 41 rappers who have survived so far. Sharp Gun comments about the odd number, wondering what will happen with the 1v1 battles.

The MC explains that since a contestant from LA (Legendary Temo) was unable to make it, they’ll be inviting another contestant to participate.



Who is it?? No one but Miss LA. Ok ya’ll, as happy as I am to have a black contestant on the show WHY OH WHY is it her…I just…don’t understand…I just don’t think she’s very good.

Anywho…Giant Pink doesn’t think there’s much to worry about.


Snacky Chan’s name is pulled first and he tells the MC he’s thinking of challenging someone in the highest ranked group. He chooses G2. Interesting…


Mnet flies through the next couple of selections – here’s who chose who:

One –> Lee Gyu-hwan
Dilla –> Giant Pink
Shim Hye-ji –> Miss LA
Kim Hyo-eun –> Kim Tae-jung
Tilda –> Lee Taekmin
Boi B –> Hwang Geung-il
Jo Hui-chul –> K9
Sanchez –> Evo

We don’t get to see all of the seletions but we jump to only 4 remaining rappers: Bewhy, CJamm, Junoflow and Hash Swan. As the contestants names are pulled, they will each choose their opponent and the other two will automatically be matched for the battle.

Junoflow’s name is called and OF COURSE we’re left in suspense and have to wait til later to see who he picked…

Madclown predicts that many of the contestants will be nervous. Will his prediction prove true?


The first battle is Reddy versus Mojae (who we haven’t seen much of). As it turns out, Mojae chose Reddy confidently believing he could beat him (based on Reddy’s performance in the cypher round).

The judges have high expectations for Reddy based on his second audition where he received his all-pass. We see that while Reddy and Mojae worked together on the hook for their battle, Reddy was challenged with the lyrics, saying that his mind just goes blank (don’t make me pull out the Tyra gif, Reddy, don’t make me do it).



Both Mojae and Reddy sounded really good! Reddy visibly takes a deep breath when it’s over and the judges are pleased. What will their decision be?

Dok2: “I think Reddy did a really good job.”
Simon D: “Reddy keeps upgrading himself.”

In the end…Reddy is chosen to continue! I’m pleased but I still believe he’s going to have to do better and stop cracking under pressure.

Zion.T (about Reddy): “I think he’s someone I can look forward to.”

 Mojae is disappointed but he and Reddy hug it out. I am loving the positive vibes this season, aren’t you?


Next up is Jo Seungyeon versus ??? The judges seem confused by the choice he made – who did he challenge?

It is revealed that he chose Flowsik and now I’m in the same boat as the producers…whaaaaat? WHY?

We get to see clips of them working together and Jo Seungyeon is so excited and cheerful the whole time. Part of me wonders if he just wanted to be with Flowsik because he thought it’d be fun.


*Total side note: Mnet doesn’t edit out the n-word in the background music, but they sensor the word ‘coco’? I’M DONE

Awww this was a really fun performance:

                                 Kush: “Seungyoun really knows how to have fun on stage and your rap was delivered really well.”
Simon D: “And you had really good rhythm too.”

YES you betta shine Seungyoun! Remember this?

MADCLOWN KNEW. He must have an eye for hidden gems.

LOL The Quiett asks Flowsik when his voice started to sound like that and he said maybe around age 15. Not surprisingly, Flowsik is chosen to continue but Seungyeon receives lots of praise and leaves peacefully. Flowsik seems a little sad, wondering why so many people have to be eliminated.

Myundo and Taewoon are next – Myundo enters stepping on tissues in his white shoes (I can’t) while Taewoon wears a sweatshirt with his face on it to remember his failures last year. Myundo was motivated to pick Taewoon because of his performance during the cypher, revealing he had given Taewoon the lowest score of all the rappers (a whopping 4 out of 10).

Myundo’s rhythm is a bit off and he makes a lyrical mistake! Taewoon, here’s your chance. Don’t screw it up…

Taewoon did really well and the producers are disappointed with Myundo.

Mad Clown (to Taewoon) – “I think this was the best rap you’ve done so far”

Gray tells him he rapped confidently. I know how badly Dok2 wants to hold on to Myundo so despite Taewoon’s efforts this might not bode well…poor Taewoon is standing there with his hand over his heart like he might pass out. Of course, Mnet leaves us with another cliffhanger…


Superbee calls out Lilla Marz who singled him out during the cypher battle:


(Come on now Superbee, I thought you said you had turned over a new leaf)
Lilla Marz is super confident and doesn’t even practice with Superbee.

During the battle, Superbee trips up and makes a mistake but its not enough to take him out.

Next up: Sanchez vs Evo. Sanchez has made an impression on the judges so far with his upbeat personality, surprising rap skill and unique fashion choices:

Dok2 tells him “That sweatband cannot continue forward with us” hahaha

*Side note: Sanchez’s hair is really pretty.

After their performance, as the producers give their opinions Sanchez congratulates Evo telling him he did really well. I LOVE his positivity. Sanchez is a bright shining light this season. In the end, Evo is eliminated but I will definitely be on the look out for him.

The producers are asked how many teams they think will choose their beats. Gray and Gil and Dok2’s beats are popular but no beats from Team KushT have been chosen. Kush thinks it’s because people are choosing easy beats:

Zion.T – “Our beats require some creativity.”

Jung Sang Soo is the only rapper so far who has chosen Kush’s beat but the producers notice he seems to be less confident today.


The reason? He will face Killahgramz in the 1v1 battle. Why did Jung Sang Soo choose him? Because of his positive energy. Killahgramz said he’s looking forward to a fun stage but Sangsoo seems to lose confidence after practicing with him.

Sangsoo started off strong but fell apart to Kush’s dismay. Meanwhile, Killahgramz killed it (no pun intended…)

The Quiett: “He’s one of the few that left the deepest impressions on me.”

Kush said Jung Sang Soo is a steady rapper but his style didn’t work with his beat compared to Killahgramz flashier style…Killahgramz continues on.

Baby Jaewoon is back and we have more of this…

He seems more relaxed finally but apparently he had a chat with Papa YG who told him not to worry (but it didn’t help haha)

One is struggling and picked Lee Gyuhwan as an easy target…I hope he’s right…


Lol he’s so cute (he and Lee Gyuhwan chose Dok2’s ‘111%’ beat)

This performance was weird…One messed up and and rapped again at the end after Lee Gyuhwan’s verse,  which seemed unfair because Lee Gyuhwan sounded really good but had less time to rap. Lee Gyuhwan is a good sport and is satisfied with how the battle went because he was pleased with his performance.


 The Quiett (and everyone else) was impressed and One continues.

Zion.T: “I could see his determination.”

As long as One doesn’t throw in the towel later on like he did last season he might be alright.

Who’s next? Seo Chulgu versus J’Kyun. One of the producers asks if they had trouble preparing and they both look down awkwardly…oh no, what happened? We flashback to last season where Seo Chulgu struggled to work well with his opponent. What will things be like this time?

Again, we’re victims of Mnet’s editing. The two rappers got along super well.

Seo Chulgu – “I was really happy.”

J’Kyun forgets his lyrics from the get-go but Seo Chulgu does too! Maybe they had too much fun practicing?? Mad Clown asks why Chulgu didn’t just freestyle and he said he wants to avoid that this season because he thought he could remember his lyrics. Simon D said they were being uselessly nice to each other because in the end one of them is going home. The producers are forced to choose based on what they’ve seen.

In the end, it’s a tie, so they will have to rap again.

This time, J’Kyun wasn’t really on the beat and Chulgu sounded better but it was just okay. J’Kyun doesn’t continue but you can tell that Seo Chulgu isn’t very happy with himself.

He isn’t he only one barely getting by – what’s happening this season??

We go through a series of performances that are leaving the producers hopeless but who’s next to revive them?

 Junoflo versus Hash Swan

(There’s no real reason for this screenshot besides the fact that he is FOINE)

Junoflo, don’t let me down…like everyone else…Junoflo says he chose Hash Swan because he wasn’t very impressed with him during the cypher round. “I came from far away so I can’t lose.”

Hash Swan did really well! Gil tells Junoflo his rapping, flow and stage performance was good. The producers are having a really hard time deciding but in the end??

Junoflo fails!

You can tell he’s surprised but he leaves graciously. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

The judges were really impressed with Hash Swan (and rightfully so) but this makes me sad…

Back to this:

As it turns out, the producers’ votes resulted in a tie. I was less impressed with Myundo this time around. I don’t think he sounds as good over slow beats but Taewoon sounded really good and left a stronger impact in my opinion. Dok2 said Taewoon had a really good hold on his voice and tone but Simon D thinks Myundo improved as he went on.


They vote and it’s a tie AGAIN. This is actually torture. Taewoon looks like he’s gonna pass out. It looks like they’ll have to battle again. Myundo forgot his lyrics last year (I don’t even remember him from season 4) so this time he came prepared with 4 or 5 sets of lyrics written. Taewoon is less prepared but only has trap lyrics so they agree on a trap beat.

The Quiett makes a prediction: “If they go with trap…then it’ll be more in Myundo’s favor.” Well? It’s a tie again…are you freaking kidding me…both rappers will have to leave and prepare their own songs for the fourth rematch. Taewoon is under so much stress he leaves the practice room. I FEEL YOU BRUH

At this point, it’s painful for me to watch…the 4th match begins. Taewoon cracks under pressure and makes a decision to leave the stage while rapping which confuses the judges and has them saying that he reverted to his old ways.

Taewoon is eliminated finally. Ugh so sad…he and Myundo hug it out and Taewoon is congratulated by the judges.

The Quiett (about Taewoon): “He exceeded our expectations.”

Next up? Snacky Chan versus G2. As they practiced, G2 looked tired (he had an appendectomy and then apparently got sick on top of that).


Snacky Chan says he’s twice G2’s age and the producers agree that makes it even.

Snacky Chan makes a small lyrical mistake and G2 does too. Despite clearly lacking strength, G2 managed to pull through. Snacky Chan is eliminated in the end because he didn’t show the producers anything new and his delivery was too weak.

Zion. T – “G2’s sound is better.”

There’s no time left in this episode and we’re forced to wait until next week to see the rest of the battles, including the highly anticipated CJamm vs Bewhy showdown. Also next week, we get to see which rappers will choose which producer teams and the real competition begins!

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