Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 2 Recap

This week, the rappers who passed the initial auditions now have 60 seconds to rap in front of the producer teams. It will be interesting to see who receives the coveted All-Pass.

  • Comedian Jung Joon Ha and Gil had a really heart-warming reunion and hug session (you can read more here)
  • We find out that 81 contestants have moved on from the last episode
  • The producers thoroughly enjoy this round while the contestants wait nervously. LOL KUSH:


  • The first rapper to face the producers is Taewoon (also known as Zico’s hyung) who was eliminated last season. He receives an All Pass! He definitely improved since last season


  •  Boi B, the other half of Rhythm Power, is shown next (passed by Zion. T in the last round). Boi B smashed it, receiving ‘잘했어’s all around


  •  AshB is up next (I needed subs to understand this part but is there beef between G2 and AshB??). She starts confidently but in the end she receives a ‘Fail’ from each team
  • CJamm is next. Everyone is wondering what he’s doing on the show (him with this juicebox tho lol) and you can feel the high expectations from the producers and the other contestants – he receives an All Pass, surprising no one


  • This kid (Haeshiwon?) (a wild card passed by Zion.T) receives an All Pass
  • Sanchez receives an All Pass! Its still kinda weird to hear him rap but hey, he’s good at it


  • Bizniz is given the beat from Leessang song ‘우리 지금 만나’ (Let’s Meet Now) but unfortunately he’s all over the place and gets eliminated
  •  원썬 (One-sun), an OG rapper who was a part of a group called Master Plan Crew is next. The producers call him hyung and you can already tell it’ll be awkward if he doesn’t do well. He is failed by each producer team regretfully. I think his style was too old-school
  • Donutman (I didn’t know he’d be on the show!) receives an all-pass and is congratulated by the producers


  •  Reddy is next! His SMTM diss (on B-Free’s ‘My Team’ track) is brought up again and when asked why he decided to compete on the show he gives a good answer (I think he said ‘to make money’). He’s super comfortable on stage and all the judges are digging his performance. He receives an All Pass!


  • Two rappers who aren’t super well known (at least here in the US), Khundi Panda and Simba Zawadi, are shown next. KP is failed by each producer team and although SZ does well he is failed by each team to the surprise of the other contestants (I’m not exactly sure why he was cut but I’m sure it’ll be clearer with subs)
  • Snacky Chan is back after appearing on Season 3. He stumbles and forgets his lyrics which is really painful to watch
  •  Jung Sang Soo, notoriously known for dropping the n-word during season 3 and known for just being a character in general, is back yet again. He and Kush seem to have some strange bromance. Everyone is impressed by his performance with the exception of Mad Clown and Gil who don’t pass him.
  • Freestyle master Seo Chul Goo is next. He is confident about his ability to receive an All Pass. When Mnet edits these things in I can’t help but feel like I’m being set up…He gets the beat to ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ and has a rough start but is ultimately passed by Simon D/Gray and Zion T/Kush. He did well on his verses but disappointed on the chorus
  •  Some people are really struggling with the beat (A-Tom is eliminated) and the producers are getting tired
  • Rapper Myundo heads in next. A short man with a lot of a swag, he receives an all pass and has everyone dabbing LOL I actually watched his audition twice. All of this is right up Dok2’s alley (this man is always looking for an excuse to turn up). If this guy doesn’t belong on Team Illionaire then I don’t know who does. The judges enjoy Myundo so much they ask for an encore



  •  One is next and is told by Zion. T that he’s a fan because One is so good looking. One smiles and nods graciously but he is tired of being told he’s pretty lol. He is passed by everyone but Team Illionaire. He receives some critique from the producers
  • G2 is next (he looks like he needs a nap). Like Reddy, he raps with ease and receives an all-pass and praise from the producers. The Quiett says that so far G2 and Myundo are his top 2 contestants. Meanwhile, Kush is already pulling a Tablo and trying to win G2 over to his team


  • Jung Jae In (I learned kid in the yellow jacket’s name!) is shown next and crushes my hopes after receiving an all fail. He’s followed by a few other contestants (one of whom looks like Shorry J from Mighty Mouth?)
  • We see Snacky Chan again and although he struggled during his audition he was passed by everyone except Gill and Madclown. We all know Snacky Chan is talented but I know this isn’t the way he wanted this to go. You could tell some of the other contestants are upset that he passed


  •  Bewhy is next. Does anyone dislike Bewhy? Is that even possible? He kills it and receives an all-pass!


  • At the end of the day, 37 contestants have passed (including David Kim from last season!)
  •  If I understood the preview correctly, next week we’ll get to see how the U.S. auditions turned out and the 37 Korean contestants will compete in 1v1 battles against the American contestants who were selected. For now I’m going to stay optimistic and pray the Mnet producers  handled all of this well…

You can watch Episode 2 of SMTM5 at these links >>> Part 1Part 2

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6 thoughts on “Show Me The Money 5 – Episode 2 Recap

  1. m m m says:

    Glad you are back doing these recaps! I’m new to SMTM and read your SMTM4 reviews and was hoping you were going to do SMTM5 too. They add a fun dimension to the show. Thank you for doing them!


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