Crush releases new EP ‘Interlude’ – Review

cover_crush-interlude EP

Some of you may be new to Crush. Others, like myself, have been following Crush’s career since his VV:D, ‘Red Dress‘ days. Now the singer-rapper-producer, recently deemed “Korea’s R&B-soul-pop phenomenon” by Hypetrak , has showcased his undeniable talent once again with ‘Interlude’.

The EP contains 5 tracks, two featuring artists Miso and Gaeko and one being a collaboration with Club Eskimo partner 2xxx! (check out his Soundcloud here).

The EP is accompanied by two music videos for two of the tracks: ‘Woo Ah’ and ‘9 to 5’. You can find them below.

My Instagram and Twitter feeds the past couple hours have been filled with the praises of Crush’s fans and fellow artists. I just listened to all 5 tracks myself – check out my brief review!

Track 1 – In The Air

There is something to be said for artists who do one thing and do it well but then there are artists we love because of their versatility. On this track Crush said, I’m gonna sing, I’m gonna rap a bit, I’m gonna also sing my own background vocals so deal with that.

Track 2 – 우아해 (woo ah)

Someone get me an instrumental. I’m 100% here for this beat, not to mention Crush’s smooth vocals throughout. I love how somewhere around the 2:41 mark the track switches gears and takes it to another level. Hmm I can’t get over this sound. I enjoyed Oasis a lot but Crush is bringing us an entirely different flavor here.

Track 3 – 9 to 5 (feat. Gaeko)

So when the beat dropped I had high hopes but I have to admit I was a little let down. So far this is the only song I feel truly reflects the EP title in that it felt like something thrown in to connect ‘woo ha’ to ‘Castaway’. After a second listen, I decided I can never be mad at Gaeko’s rapping and his verses are pretty substantial. This one will probably grow on me (and I look forward to lyric translations!)

Track 4 – Castaway (feat. MISO)

So I first heard the rough version of this track on Crush’s Soundcloud a while ago. I loved it then but Miso’s vocals really complete it. The instrumentals on this entire EP are ridiculous. I’m so glad Crush has been able to develop more in his production skills.

Track 5 – 먼지 (Dust) 

This song is the perfect conclusion to the EP. Crush has matured so much. This track is reminiscent of ‘You And I’ but this time around Crush is serving up a “I just turned 25- I’m grown and sexy and I know it” vibe.  A great final track leaves you feeling satisfied but also excited to listen to the whole thing all over again. ‘Dust’ does just that. Props to 2xxx!, I am loving the Club Eskimo touch.

What do you think of the album?? Let me know in the comments and like the SeoulRebels page on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest posts.


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