Track List for Crush’s ‘Interlude’ x Introducing Miso

Last week Amoeba Culture posted a teaser photo for Crush’s new album ‘Interlude’ followed by a teaser video (found below). Since then Amoeba Culture released a statement announcing that the album would be dropping  May 6th instead of May 4th. Today the track list was released! Check it out below!



It has been two whole years since ‘Crush On You’ so I’m hyped for this album. We all know Gaeko from Dynamic Duo but Miso is somewhat of a fresh face on the scene. The 23-year-old artist features on Castaway, which Crush initially released on his Soundcloud but it has since been removed. Crush has reposted a couple of Miso’s tracks on Soundcloud and via Instagram he announced that Miso has joined Club Eskimo (which I believes makes her the crew’s only female artist).

You can follow Miso on Soundcloud here (where you will also find her other social media links) and also make sure to read this interview she did with Silencio.

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