Mighty Mouth returns with “Nice 2 Meet U”

From 1theK:

“Rap duo Mighty Mouth, beloved for their signature upbeat songs and energetic performances, will finally come back after 3.5 years of break, under the name of their very own independent label ALLMIGHTY RECORDS.

What’s even better is that Mighty Mouth boys will be returning in a collaboration work with Korea’s hottest hiphop icon Block B’s Zico. Though he was busy with preparing Block B’s new album, Zico composed, produced, and arranged the song “NICE 2 MEET U”, in his effort to support the return of his long time friends Mighty Mouth.”

Mighty Mouth is back! The only song I have in my iTunes by Mighty Mouth is ‘Tok Tok’ (also featuring Soya) which came out back in 2011. Now they have returned with ‘Nice 2 Meet U’, produced by Zico, after a long break (military service I assume?). I think Zico’s music style matches perfectly with Mighty Mouth’s goofy and energetic feel. What do you think of the song? Check out the music video below!

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