HIGHGRND has declared this week (3/28-4/1) #HIGHGRNDWEEK and has announced a few new additions to the label so far! Rapper Incredivle (SMTM4 contestant recently featured on Lee Hi’s HIGHGRND-produced album) was officially welcomed to the label Monday and artists Punchnello and Offonoff (both associated with Club Eskimo) have been welcomed today. Check out the social media announcements below and check back here as I will be updating this post throughout the week!






Check out Punchnello’s music on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram

Here is Offonoff’s Soundcloud and their joint and personal Instagram accounts – Colde and 0_channel.

Who will be Tuesday’s 3/3 artist announcement? We’ll find out soon. I’m really excited about these additions. I was literally just listening to some of the artists with Club Eskimo yesterday and I’m glad Punchnello and Offonoff will be able in an environment that will allow them to create more great music and establish themselves a bit more (especially for us foreign fans).

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of #HIGHGRNDWEEK!

Tuesday (cont.): 


Millic’s Soundcloud and Instagram accounts

Many people are speculating whether DEAN will be joining his buddies at HIGHGRND or not. I feel like DEAN is doing really well with Joombas and Universal right now and I think think those companies will be key to ensuring his fan bases in both Korean and the U.S. continue to grow.


View this post on Instagram

#HIGHGRNDWEEK WEDNESDAY: PLAYGRND 001 조원선 X 진실 of LIFE&TIME – 'MISMATCH' 4/7 0AM COMPOSED BY JINSIL LYRICS BY TABLO ARRANGED BY PHILTRE 하이그라운드의 큐레이티드 컬쳐 프로젝트 'PLAYGRND'! 일종의 놀이터를 마련해 음악, 미술, 영화 등 다양한 매체를 다루는 아티스트들이 신선한 협업을 할 수 있도록 기획한 프로젝트입니다. 그 첫 작품으로 '롤러코스터'의 조원선과 밴드 '라이프 앤 타임'의 프론트맨 진실의 합작 싱글 'MISMATCH'가 발표됩니다. HIGHGRND's curated culture project 'PLAYGRND'! We will provide a playground to bring together artists of various mediums where they can collaborate on innovative projects. The first work we've prepared is 'MISMATCH', a collaborative song by Roller Coaster's Joe Won Sun and band Life And Time's frontman Jinsil. HIGHGRND「ハイ・グラウンド」が選別したカルチャー・プロジェクトである'PLAYGRND「プレーグラウンド」'!カルチャーの遊び場を作り、その中で音楽、美術、映画など、様々な場面で活躍をしているアーティストたちが新たなコラボレーションができるようにサポートする企画です。 その第1回の作品は'ROLLER COASTER'の'チョ・ウォンソン'と、バンド'LIFE & TIME'のフロントマンである'ジンシル'が作り上げたデジタルシングルの'MISMATCH'が発表される予定です。 #PLAYGRND #MISMATCH #조원선 #진실 #HIGHGRND

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‘Mismatch’ will be released next week on 4/7!

Thursday:  Great news for international fans!





So CLEARLY this is an April Fool’s Day prank concocted by Tablo, king of dad jokes…or is it? Here are the translations for the track list (thanks Billy!!):

1. Indeterminate Delay
2. Great Stable
3. I Drive a Maybach
4. I Only Trust Myself
5. My Hometown, Moon Night  [probably the night club that he used to dance at]
5. Going Home After Practicing  for 6 Years
7. And Who Are You?
8. Who’s Next

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